• Culture July 16, 2024

    Ancient Silk Road underground tombs museum opens in Xinjiang

    An underground museum of the Wei and Jin dynasties (220-420) ancient tombs opened on Monday in Kuqa County, an area that previously belonged to the ancient Qiuci State.

  • Belt & Road July 5, 2024

    China-Laos Railway records over 222,000 cross-border passengers

    The China-Laos Railway, which launched its international passenger service on April 13, 2023, has transported over 222,000 cross-border passengers as of Friday, said the Mohan border checkpoint in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

  • Belt & Road July 3, 2024

    North China's Tianjin launches China-Europe freight train route

    A China-Europe freight train bound for Moscow departs from Tianjin International Land Port in north China's Tianjin, July 1, 2024.

  • Belt & Road July 2, 2024

    'Steel camels' strengthen links between China, Kazakhstan

    ​In a bustling freight terminal in northwest China, rows of brand-new electric vehicles gleam in the noonday sun, while workers use forklifts and cranes to stack containers onto waiting trains.

  • International Cooperation July 2, 2024

    New China-Vietnam cargo route promotes air logistics

    A direct air cargo route linking Shenzhen in south China's Guangdong Province, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was launched Monday, according to SF Airlines.

  • Around China July 2, 2024

    Beijing launches regular freight-train service to Europe

    A cargo train left Beijing for the Russian capital Moscow on Monday, marking the launch of a regular China-Europe freight-train service from the Chinese capital.

  • Belt & Road July 1, 2024

    CPEC's eco-friendly powerplant sets standard for environmental responsibility in Pakistan

    Launched in 2013, the CPEC, a flagship project of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is a corridor linking Gwadar Port in southwest Pakistan's Balochistan province with Kashgar in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which highlights energy, transport, and industrial cooperation in the first phase, while the new phase expands to the fields of agriculture and livelihood.

  • Belt & Road June 25, 2024

    Global talents assemble for int'l skills competition in SW China

    Nearly 600 skilled professionals from 61 countries and regions have arrived in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality for an international skills competition.

  • Around China June 20, 2024

    Experiencing Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring

    Discover the wonders of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring! The sites showcase the splendor of the nature and Silk Road, offering activities including hot air ballooning, camel caravans, and sand skiing! Follow our reporter and experience the charm!

  • Belt & Road June 17, 2024

    Indonesian youth embrace opportunities via BRI cooperation

    As pioneers of the Maritime Silk Road, China and Indonesia have seen their economic and cultural ties strengthen significantly in recent years. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been a catalyst for this partnership, empowering the youth of Indonesia, like Mahnitra, to actively contribute to their development.

  • Belt & Road June 12, 2024

    Unraveling the historical origins of ancient Chinese silk

    The ongoing Silk Road culture exhibition held in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province, has captivated visitors with a collection of artifacts that tell the story of how silk became a key international trade commodity, tracing its journey back to the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-25 AD) about 2,000 years ago.

  • International Cooperation June 7, 2024

    Chinese firm to upgrade key road in Uganda's mountainous Eastern Region

    Ugandan Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has launched the upgrade of a 39-km road in Sironko District of the mountainous Eastern Region, together with the Chinese construction firm Shandong Luqiao Group Co., Ltd.

  • Environment June 7, 2024

    Envoys hail China's efforts on green development in Gobi Desert

    Envoys from various countries lauded China's efforts on developing clean energy technologies and pursuing green development during their visit to northwest China's Gansu Province.

  • Diplomacy June 6, 2024

    Envoys from 23 countries kick off visit to NW China

    A delegation of 32 ambassadors and senior diplomats from 23 countries started their visit to northwest China's Gansu Province on Wednesday.

  • Belt & Road June 6, 2024

    China-Europe freight rail service traverses continents, history

    The service, which facilitates the movement of goods between China and European nations, has also bolstered infrastructure connectivity, streamlined cargo transportation, and enriched trade and communication channels.

  • Around China June 3, 2024

    Guardians of China-Europe freight trains at Horgos railway port

    At the railway port of Horgos, a group of frontline workers endeavor with firm determination on a daily basis. Though their efforts may go unnoticed by many, these workers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of China-Europe freight trains.

  • Around China June 3, 2024

    China-Europe freight trains fuel prosperity in border city

    ​With the continuous advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, Horgos, a border city located in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has developed closer ties with the world, with the launch of the China-Europe freight trains injecting new vitality into this inland port city.

  • Belt & Road May 27, 2024

    Expanding China-Europe freight train service boosts trade, prosperity

    As of Saturday, the total number of China-Europe freight train trips has surpassed 90,000. This extensive network currently serves 223 cities in 25 European countries and over 100 cities in 11 Asian countries, with its service covering almost the entire Eurasian continent, according to China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (China Railway).

  • Belt & Road May 23, 2024

    BRI cooperation embraces historical trend of economic globalization: Experts

    The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation embraces the historical trend of economic globalization, responds to the call for improving the global governance system, and meets people's longing for a better life which is the fundamental reason why it always has been strong, said Bangladeshi experts.

  • Belt & Road May 21, 2024

    China, Kyrgyzstan to pursue high-quality Belt and Road cooperation

    China and Kyrgyzstan will pursue high-quality Belt and Road cooperation and strengthen cooperation within multilateral frameworks, said visiting Chinese Vice Premier Liu Guozhong.

  • Belt & Road May 20, 2024

    Belgrade think-tank forum highlights Serbia's Belt and Road achievements

    Serbia is actively participating in the development of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, Prime Minister Milos Vucevic said on Thursday, emphasizing the ironclad friendship between Serbia and China.

  • Belt & Road May 16, 2024

    China's largest land port handles over 1,700 China-Europe freight trains

    The Manzhouli railway port, China's largest land port, has handled 1,724 China-Europe freight train trips this year as of Wednesday, up 1.2 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd.

  • Belt & Road May 13, 2024

    China-Europe freight train services report robust growth in first 4 months

    China-Europe freight train services saw solid growth from January to April this year, with continuous improvements to the transport capacity, efficiency and service quality.

  • Belt & Road May 13, 2024

    China's int'l rail-sea train service handles 300,000 containers in 2024

    ​China's rail-sea intermodal train service, which is part of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, has handled more than 300,000 standard containers of goods so far this year, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. said on Sunday.

  • International Cooperation May 10, 2024

    Chinese companies break ground on Tunisia's photovoltaic power station

    Chinese companies on Wednesday broke ground on a 100-megawatt photovoltaic power station in central Tunisia's Kairouan Province, the largest photovoltaic power plant currently under construction in Tunisia.

  • Belt & Road May 7, 2024

    Chinese-bulit Jur River Bridge handed over to South Sudan

    The recently finished Jur River Bridge, also known as the Clement Mboro Bridge, was handed over to the South Sudanese government by the Chinese embassy on Monday.

  • Around China May 7, 2024

    A glimpse of Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park

    The Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park, which includes the Tuanjiecun Station, the dry port of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, and the Chongqing Railway Port, has risen to be a major hub of international freight trains in the country's western region.

  • Environment May 6, 2024

    Samarkand solar plant bolsters China-Uzbekistan green ties

    The 220 MWac Samarkand solar PV plant, constructed by Chengdu-based Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), greeted the public for the first time on Monday after its installation in April.

  • Around China April 25, 2024

    Chengdu-Chongqing: New highlight of opening up in western China

    Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, and neighboring Chongqing Municipality, both located in southwestern China, are emerging as dynamic regions leading the way in further opening up and development in the country's western regions.

  • Belt & Road April 24, 2024

    A 'village' that brings world to China's western hinterland

    In Chongqing, a bustling inland metropolis in southwest China, lies a place called "Tuanjiecun," meaning "united village." Indeed, it serves as a vital link "uniting" the world through an extensive rail network that stretches in all directions: west, east, north, and south.

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