• Environment May 15, 2024

    Tracing climate change on roof of world

    Visit the China Global Atmosphere Watch Baseline Observatory and witness the meticulous efforts undertaken to trace climate change on the "roof of the world."

  • International Cooperation May 7, 2024

    China, France building up momentum for future-oriented cooperation

    This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France, a milestone event in China-Western relations.

  • Agriculture April 28, 2024

    Spring farming through tilt-shift lens

    Spring farming is in full swing in Jiangxi Province, East China! Cropfields are bustling with activity as farmers, high-tech agricultural machinery come together for one of the busiest times of the year. Take a closer look at the vibrant scenes through our tilt-shift lens.

  • Sci-Tech April 26, 2024

    Shenzhou-18 astronauts enter space station

    The three astronauts aboard China's Shenzhou-18 spaceship have entered the country's space station and met with another astronaut trio on Friday, starting a new round of in-orbit crew handover.

  • Diplomacy April 22, 2024

    Female diplomats' China adventures

    What's life like as a Beijing-based female diplomat? Picture flowers, fashion, and high tea in the clouds - all in a weekend's adventure!

  • Economy April 12, 2024

    From Switzerland to China, news discoveries about China-EU electric vehicles

    Chinese brands such as BYD, NIO, and Xpeng are frequently seen in European cities, while in China European-branded EVs are also popular. After traveling from Switzerland to China, Xinhua's Martina shares her discoveries.

  • Economy April 11, 2024

    American entrepreneur embraces career success in Hainan FTP

    Benefiting from a slew of favorable policies under the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP), American entrepreneur Randy Floyd has embraced great business opportunities, witnessing his career take off at a fast pace.

  • Economy April 11, 2024

    'China-chic' boom fuels consumption

    From traditional style of clothing, to the cultural products featuring Chinese designs, and to the time-honored brands... Guochao is visible in many ways.

  • Environment April 10, 2024

    Inter-provincial efforts help improve river water quality in east China

    The water quality of a river in east China has been improving thanks to a pilot scheme involving inter-provincial efforts. Local people have benefited from it as well.

  • Around China April 9, 2024

    British photographer explores NEV development in China's Hainan

    "Hainan is transitioning into a clean energy island." A British photographer has explored China's new energy vehicle (NEV) development in the country's southernmost island province of Hainan.

  • Agriculture April 2, 2024

    China boosts food security as spring farming begins in saline-alkali land

    Thanks to great restoration efforts, the saline-alkali land in China has become a potential resource, boosting agricultural productivity and improving farmers' incomes.

  • Environment March 29, 2024

    6 Chinese sites named UNESCO Global Geoparks

    With six Chinese geoparks newly designated as Global Geoparks by the UNESCO on Wednesday, China is now home to 47 Global Geoparks.

  • Around China March 29, 2024

    Expert: China strengthens foreign-related rule of law for high-quality development and opening up

    In recent decades, China has made notable progress in enhancing foreign-related rule of law, contributing to the country's high-quality development and high-level opening up. In this special edition of interview with China.org.cn, we spoke with Huang Huikang, a member of the UN International Law Commission, distinguished professor of Wuhan University, and former Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, to uncover the evolution, impacts and prospects of China's foreign-related rule of law.

  • Around China March 28, 2024

    Experiencing Boao's international charm

    Once a humble fishing village in China's tropical island province of Hainan, Boao now welcomes visitors from both nearby and afar. Join Xinhua as we explore the town's international charm both within and beyond the Boao Forum for Asia.

  • Around China March 28, 2024

    Demonstration zone in China's Hainan showcases green practices

    This year's Boao Forum for Asia annual conference has become greener with green energy facilities, green transportation and green recycling. Join Xinhua's Zheng Xin to discover how the low-carbon lifestyle here pilots China's green development.

  • Culture March 21, 2024

    Artist's miniature landscapes capture 70s north China

    A treasure trove of memories in the palm of your hand! An artist from north China has created a series of miniature landscapes with a timeless design! Click to see the charm of 1970s northern China in a teeny-tiny fashion.

  • Culture March 15, 2024

    The beauty of buildings and construction crafts of the Hui-style architecture

    Together with surrounding mountains and rivers, the Hui-style buildings embodying the ancient Chinese philosophy of coexisting with nature form picturesque views like traditional Chinese ink paintings.

  • 2024 NPC & CPPCC March 13, 2024

    Economic keywords at 2024 'two sessions'

    China's "two sessions" have set economic targets and plans for 2024. Let's have a glimpse at the economic keywords and what to expect this year.

  • Culture March 11, 2024

    Young stylist revives traditional Chinese aesthetics

    From hair, makeup to clothing, what's the secret behind the ancient Chinese attire? Wang Xiaolin, a traditional Chinese fashion stylist, will take us on a journey through the evolution of ancient Chinese costume over thousands of years.

  • International Exchanges March 5, 2024

    China Matters' Feature: A Mission of Powering Uzbekistan

    ​Uzbekistan is a nation grappling with inadequate power supply, experiencing electricity shortages even in its capital, Tashkent. As the foundation of all industrial development, electric power was naturally one of the first sectors to welcome foreign investment into the country.

  • 2024 NPC & CPPCC March 5, 2024

    Experts on significance of China's 'two sessions'

    "This year's 'two sessions' will be an important one, not only for China but for the rest of the world." Experts have spoken about their expectations for China's "two sessions" of the top legislature and top political advisory body.

  • Around China March 1, 2024

    The wonder counties of China

    From the synthetic sparkles of cultivated diamonds to the exquisite flavors of foie gras, manufacturers that hone their craft in making a single product have been growing in China over the past decades.

  • Culture February 29, 2024

    Museums spring up in rural China as nation rapidly modernizes

    Rural museums have been sprouting across northeast China's Jilin Province under local government support since 2016.

  • Culture February 27, 2024

    A view of cutting-edge technologies at new building of Yinxu Museum

    The new building of the Yinxu Museum at the Yin Ruins, the site of the last capital of the Shang Dynasty (1600 B.C.-1046 B.C.), opens to the public on Monday. Take a quick view of cutting-edge technologies applied at the museum.

  • Culture February 26, 2024

    East China village holds lantern show featuring Chinese zodiac animals

    A lantern show featuring Chinese zodiac animals was held on Saturday in Hongcun Village, east China's Anhui Province, to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

  • Culture February 26, 2024

    Butter sculpture show held at Labrang Monastery

    An annual butter sculpture show was held at Labrang Monastery in Xiahe County, northwest China's Gansu Province on Saturday, the Chinese Lantern Festival, to pray for good fortune and harvest.

  • Culture February 23, 2024

    A glimpse of Guangdong Lion Dance

    The Guangdong Lion Dance, which was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in China in 2006, is a combination of martial arts, dance and music.

  • Around China February 22, 2024

    Aviation hub drives Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development

    The coordinated development of Beijing and its neighboring Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province is now in full swing. Eyeing a global aviation hub, the Beijing Daxing International Airport is injecting new impetus into the region's development.

  • Economy February 19, 2024

    China cashes in on vibrant Spring Festival holiday consumption

    Chinese consumers have again shown their huge spending power during the eight-day Spring Festival holiday that ended Saturday.

  • Belt & Road February 18, 2024

    China-Laos Railway's first Spring Festival travel rush boosts cross-border tourism

    The China-Laos Railway, a pivotal link between the two countries, is witnessing its first Spring Festival travel rush since the railway started cross-border passenger services last year. It has catalyzed a surge in cross-border visitors for tourism during the Spring Festival holiday.

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