• International Exchanges November 18, 2021

    CPC successful in making China economic miracle, containing pandemic: Kenyan expert

    A Kenyan expert says that Communist Party of China (CPC) has kept to its founding aspiration and mission of striving for the happiness of the Chinese people and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which led to economic miracle in China over the past century and great response to the pandemic.

  • Economy November 16, 2021

    China's economic recovery to help sustain global supply chains: Expert

    An African expert speaks highly of China's measures in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that the country's economic recovery is able to help sustain the global supply chains.

  • Belt & Road November 12, 2021

    NE China ports handle over 4,000 China-Europe freight trains

    Northeast China's ports of Manzhouli and Suifenhe on the China-Russia border have seen over 4,000 China-Europe freight train trips this year.

  • Environment November 12, 2021

    Ultra-low energy consumption buildings emerging in China

    In recent years, China has been vigorously promoting ultra-low energy consumption buildings, including passive house.

  • Around China November 11, 2021

    Taiwan entrepreneur inspires startup dreams on Chinese mainland

    In 2016, Li Weiguo left a steady job in Taiwan and joined HuaCan DreamWorks, an incubator for startups on the Chinese mainland. Now, the 36-year-old entrepreneur has not only prospered in his own career, but is also helping many young people to pursue their dreams across China.

  • Society November 9, 2021

    Farm owner from Taiwan refreshes herself and others in nature

    Zhong Xueling, a Taiwan native running a farm in Beijing, found joy in nature and made a group of friends over the past 10-plus years living on the Chinese mainland. She says she enjoys life with nature in Beijing, and wants to share it with more people.

  • Sci-Tech November 9, 2021

    Robots at the 4th CIIE

    Have you ever imagined playing table tennis with a robot? Robots have become stars at the Intelligent Industry & Information Technology Exhibition Area of this year's China International Import Expo.

  • CPC November 9, 2021

    Why and how CPC works in China

    China has eliminated absolute poverty and regreened more surface area than any other country. How did the second largest economy in the world achieve this? What role did its ruling party, the Communist Party of China, play? Professors, observers and communist party members at home and abroad share their insights in this video.

  • Around China November 8, 2021

    High-level reform and opening up create the 'new Pudong speed'

    Today, Pudong is leading reform and opening up at a higher level, and is playing an even greater role in deepening China's integration with the rest of the world and contributing to an open world economy.

  • Economy November 5, 2021

    A glimpse of 4th China Int'l Import Expo

    The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai on Nov. 5-10 this year. Click to take a glimpse of CIIE

  • Economy November 3, 2021

    Exhibitors from all over the world at the 4th CIIE

    From the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) to the fourth session, more and more business people from all over the world have seen the huge potential of the Chinese market.

  • Belt & Road November 3, 2021

    Chinese trains travel through Silk Road, bringing treasures to CIIE

    The first "Jinbo" China-Europe freight train has arrived in Shanghai, marking the first time for exhibits for the upcoming China International Import Expo to be sent by freight train to the municipality.

  • Beijing 2022 November 2, 2021

    Building Winter Olympics dreams for China

    Over 2,000 days have passed since Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. World-class sports venues have sprung up to fulfill China's commitment to host the Winter Games as scheduled. Behind the commitment are the dreams and efforts of many.

  • International Cooperation November 1, 2021

    Land-sea trade route facilitates trade between SW China, SE Asia

    A land-sea trade route has facilitated trade between southwest China and Southeast Asian nations.

  • Environment November 1, 2021

    10 things you need to know about COP 26

    COP26 opened on Sunday in Glasgow. Here are 10 things you need to know about this climate change conference.

  • Around China October 27, 2021

    Foreign experts on attractiveness of Chinese cities

    The list of the most attractive cities in China for foreigners in 2020 was announced on Oct. 18 at the 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum. As such, we asked some foreign experts to share their views on the appeal of Chinese cities.

  • Economy October 26, 2021

    Experiencing digital RMB payment at Financial Street Forum conference

    Several banks set up experience zones for making payments with digital RMB at the recent 2021 Annual Conference of Financial Street Forum.

  • Diplomacy October 26, 2021

    50 years in UN: China's contribution

    "I have never seen such a resounding applause in my life," said a former diplomat who had witnessed the restoration of China's lawful seat in the UN 50 years ago. Watch this video to learn how China, as a responsible major country, stays committed to advancing the UN's cause for a better world.

  • International Exchanges October 26, 2021

    International students hail Tianjin with rap song

    During the third leg of the "A Date with China" international media tour, foreign students at the Nankai University in Tianjin sang a Chinese rap song to hail China's achievements in rural vitalization and social development. They expressed their appreciation for China's northern city of Tianjin.

  • International Exchanges October 26, 2021

    Africa youth explore winter sports in Beijing

    As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics draw near, the participants of the 6th China-Africa Youth Festival came to Yanqing in Beijing's suburbs to experience winter sports.

  • International Exchanges October 25, 2021

    Young Africans explore traditional Chinese culture

    The sixth China-Africa Youth Festival kicked off in Beijing on Tuesday. Nearly 50 African youth delegates joined their Chinese peers to explore traditional Chinese culture. Check out their impressions.

  • International Exchanges October 21, 2021

    Olympic Short Film: It's Lit

    Symbolizing hope, warmth and solidarity, the Beijing 2022 flame has arrived in China after journeying from Greece.

  • Economy October 18, 2021

    Canton Fair highlights new features of China's trade, open economy

    China is demonstrating its long-lasting pursuit of innovation, inspiration, and willingness for higher-level opening up at the ongoing China Import and Export Fair, or the Canton Fair, which has grabbed the world's attention with new products and new paths of development.

  • Sci-Tech October 18, 2021

    Chinese agricultural experts cultivate high-yielding rice

    After years of experiments, a team of agricultural experts in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has cultivated a number of high-quality rice varieties, including one codenamed "Suijing 18" featuring high yields and better resistance to disease.

  • Around China October 17, 2021

    China issues stamps featuring sustainable transport development

    China issued a set of special stamps on Oct. 15, highlighting its efforts and achievements in sustainable transport development on the sidelines of the second UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference.

  • Environment October 14, 2021

    COP15: International cooperation in biodiversity protection

    Over the past few days, the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) has been underway in Yunnan province.

  • Environment October 14, 2021

    Flourish in harmony

    As a Chinese saying goes, "All beings flourish when they live in harmony and receive nourishment from Nature."

  • Environment October 12, 2021

    COP15 in 1 minute

    China's Yunnan province is holding a major UN meeting on biological diversity. Here is a brief guide.

  • Environment October 12, 2021

    In harmony we grow

    China has over-fulfilled three of the 2020 global biodiversity targets (the Aichi targets) and made progress on 13 targets, none of which have been fully met globally. Our solutions are in nature.

  • Environment October 11, 2021

    A brief history of COP

    What is COP15? What does COP stand for and what's its origin? Here is a brief history.

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