• Economy September 28, 2023

    FTZs advance China's high-quality development

    With different strategic positioning and development goals, the pilot FTZs distributed across the country have given full play to their own characteristics and advantages, achieving a host of achievements of institutional innovations, establishing a group of world-leading industrial clusters and making contributions to the high-quality development of the country.

  • International Cooperation September 27, 2023

    Chinese, European firms' expansion of cooperation key to stabilizing global supply chain

    The open and positive mindset of these trade delegations has boosted European companies' confidence in their development in China. Several multinational companies are actively transitioning from a "in China for China" approach to a more global perspective.

  • Environment September 26, 2023

    Green miracle in China's largest desert

    The relentless desertification control efforts in Kekeya have paid off, generating economic and ecological benefits for the entire prefecture. These remarkable achievements have also created greater environmental awareness and engagement among the public.

  • Economy September 25, 2023

    Advancing new industrialization seen as key to high-quality growth

    China's emphasis on advancing new industrialization is expected to provide a solid foundation for high-quality economic growth, improve the resilience and safety of its industrial and supply chains, and boost the country's core competitiveness globally, experts and company executives said.

  • Agriculture September 25, 2023

    How China's grassroots tech centers nurture agricultural innovation

    Far away from cities and universities, many rural sci-tech stations are stationed by agronomy students who impart latest technologies to Chinese farmers while conducting field research there.

  • Economy September 20, 2023

    EU probe into China's EVs sparks backlash

    The European Commission's anti-subsidy investigation into China's electric vehicles (EV) has cast a dark cloud over an emerging EV sector considered essential to the global fight against climate change, as the expectations of additional duties could result in immediate buyer hesitation among European importers, while also distorting prices and disrupting supplies in the long run.

  • Around China September 14, 2023

    Province sets its sights firmly on the future

    The story of Yichang, located in western Hubei, illustrates the efforts made by the authorities to improve the province's growth pattern and pursue high-quality development.

  • Economy September 14, 2023

    China's drive to modernize boosts global supply chains

    China's efforts to build a modern industrial system will help the world better deal with potential future disruptions in supply chains, and will ensure the smooth running of the global economy amid challenges and uncertainties, economists and corporate executives said.

  • Economy September 13, 2023

    Chinese EVs moving into fast lane in Europe

    China's EV industry, with its competitive prices, advanced technology, and safety features, is gaining ground in Europe, yet there's still a long way ahead to establish brand recognition and solidify its market position.

  • Economy September 11, 2023

    Multinationals embrace green opportunities in China

    Amidst the bustling exhibition halls of the 23rd China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), the spotlight was firmly on the new energy vehicles (NEVs) exhibited by numerous Chinese companies.

  • Economy September 7, 2023

    China's vibrant drive for greater trade liberalization invigorates global services trade

    China has long been wedded to bolstering services trade across the world, viewing it as a key component in the country's growth strategy and international cooperation.

  • Economy September 6, 2023

    Businesses buoyed by China's ramped-up efforts to boost services trade

    As China has been committed to setting up a high-standard opening-up system for the services sector, this year's CIFTIS represents an epitome of the country's step forward to widen access to the booming sector and to expand institutional opening-up in pursuit of high-quality development.

  • Economy August 31, 2023

    China's trade in services maintains upward trend

    In recent years, China's trade in services saw rapid growth in scale and continuous optimization of structure.

  • International Cooperation August 31, 2023

    New BRICS members seek development opportunities, fairer world order

    As an international partnership seeking to create a mutually beneficial order, the BRICS expansion makes an influential step toward a world order with a fairer distribution of resources.

  • Economy August 29, 2023

    China upgrades green power industry to boost high-quality development

    ​China's green power industry, the global leader, is becoming a new driving force for China's high-quality development through technological upgrades.

  • Around China August 29, 2023

    A comparative analysis of the world's top 3 science and technology clusters: Beijing's strengths and weaknesses

    In September 2022, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released the Global Innovation Index report, ranking Tokyo-Yokohama, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou, and Beijing as the top three global science and technology innovation clusters.

  • Around China August 29, 2023

    A comparative analysis of the world's top 3 science and technology clusters: Beijing's performances and strategies

    In September 2022, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released the Global Innovation Index report, ranking Tokyo-Yokohama, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou, and Beijing as the top three global science and technology innovation clusters.

  • Sci-Tech August 29, 2023

    Innovation drives stable growth of China's machinery industry

    In the first half of this year, the added value of the equipment manufacturing industry increased by 6.5 percent year on year, contributing 53.9 percent to the growth of all industries above the designated size.

  • Economy August 25, 2023

    Multiple indicators reflect resilience, strength of Chinese economy

    While lingering headwinds have fueled concerns over global growth prospects, multiple indicators have pointed to the resilience and strength of the Chinese economy.

  • Economy August 24, 2023

    China-Africa economic links create impetus for recovery

    Trade and investment between China and Africa are strengthening and becoming more mature, and are proof of the successful building of a China-Africa community with a shared future, according to experts and business executives.

  • International Cooperation August 23, 2023

    China brings Global South's common interests to the fore

    In their interviews, African experts and officials said that as a member of the Global South, China has pursued a development path featuring win-win cooperation and mutual benefits, not least with other developing nations.

  • Economy August 23, 2023

    BRICS ties give impetus for growth

    Enhanced cooperation and better coordination among BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — will bolster their economic growth and fortify the multilateral trading system, said market watchers and business leaders.

  • International Cooperation August 23, 2023

    China, S. Africa set to strengthen ties, amplifying Global South voices

    In face of numerous uncertainties and accelerating changes unseen in a century, as natural members of the Global South, China and South Africa's relationship holds significant global sway due to their shared commitment to advancing the voices and interests of developing nations.

  • International Cooperation August 22, 2023

    China contributes strength to BRICS partnership for win-win cooperation

    China is playing an important role in driving mutually beneficial BRICS cooperation, said experts, noting that further developments are expected to emerge as the 15th BRICS Summit takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from Aug. 22 to 24.

  • Sci-Tech August 21, 2023

    China's robot industry spurs world economic recovery

    Humanoid robots with the appearance of Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-907) poets Li Bai and Du Fu have been a hit at the ongoing 2023 World Robot Conference.

  • Economy August 18, 2023

    China's policy rate adjustment bolsters economy

    China has conducted some policy rate adjustments as part of efforts to shore up economic recovery.

  • International Cooperation August 18, 2023

    10 years on, China-South Asia trade doubles on closer ties

    Over the past 10 years, the expo has witnessed closer ties between China and South Asia, with the trade volume between China and South Asian countries doubling.

  • Culture August 17, 2023

    Traditional culture drives rural vitalization

    Quality traditional Chinese costumes are gaining popularity at home and abroad, triggering increased orders on e-commerce platforms.

  • Economy August 16, 2023

    China bolsters efforts to retain foreign investment magnetism

    In a recent development, China has intensified its policy support aimed at attracting foreign investment and catering to the needs of international firms.

  • Environment August 16, 2023

    Guideline targets health of Yangtze

    A plan to establish an environmental evaluation and assessment system that prioritizes the health of aquatic ecosystems in the Yangtze River will help address "weak links" in the conservation of Asia's longest watercourse and better meet people's ever-growing demands for a beautiful environment in the region, officials and experts said.

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