• Sci-Tech January 12, 2021

    How China built its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

    China began constructing its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), named after the Chinese term for the Big Dipper constellation, in the 1990s. In just over 30 years, BDS has achieved a range of goals, such as shifting from active to passive positioning and expanding its service coverage from China to the Asia-Pacific region and eventually the globe.

  • Around China January 11, 2021

    Chinese police force's 2020 in 110 seconds

    China marked its first national police day on Jan. 10 this year. Here's a look at the Chinese police force's 2020 in 110 seconds.

  • Around China January 8, 2021

    China's Guizhou invests over US$137B in transport over last 5 years

    A total of 887.3 billion yuan (137.4 billion U.S. dollars) has been spent on improving transport infrastructure in Guizhou Province, on the frontlines of China's anti-poverty war, between 2016 and 2020.

  • Aid January 7, 2021

    5 years on the East Asia Poverty Reduction Cooperation Pilot project

    In November 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang proposed the Cooperation Initiative on Poverty Reduction in East Asia at that year's ASEAN Plus Three Summit. China committed to promote poverty reduction in rural communities of East Asian countries and launch the pilot cooperative project for demonstration.

  • Around China January 6, 2021

    Gansu crafts a new future out of poverty

    2020 is the decisive year for China's fight against poverty. China Daily's foreign reporters Jocelyn and Matt traveled across the country to discover the stories behind people's efforts to overcome poverty with the help of the internet.

  • Around China January 5, 2021

    China's poverty alleviation: A promise made and kept

    The lives of nearly 100 million disadvantaged people in China have changed beyond recognition over the past eight years, thanks to the poverty alleviation campaign. Let's join Xinhua reporters in Xinjiang, Guizhou, Ningxia, Hebei and Hunan to explore how that was possible.

  • Around China January 5, 2021

    Dialogue with Confucius' descendant at the Southern Confucius Temple, taste Quzhou delicacies at Shuitingjie Street

    The series of short video "Hello! Quzhou" tailored for the cultural and tourism brand building of "Four Good in Quzhou", was designed and shoot by China.org.cn and Quzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism jointly. Through the perspective of the foreign host and his immersive experience to show the world" good looks, good sounds, good play and good tastes" in Quzhou.

  • Around China January 4, 2021

    New elevated highway with super-long steel-structure overpass opens to traffic

    A 21-km-long elevated highway has opened to traffic in the city of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, E China. It features China's longest steel-structure overpass.

  • December 31, 2020

    CGN holds open day event at wind farm in France

    A livestreamed open day event was held at a wind farm project in France by China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) on Dec 31.

  • Sci-Tech December 31, 2020

    Smart robots | 2020 Year in Review

    High-tech heroes: Smart robots have been disinfecting hospitals, making deliveries, and even preparing dinner this year.

  • Around China December 29, 2020

    China opens railway to facilitate cross-Strait travel

    The Fuzhou-Pingtan railway in east China's Fujian province was opened to traffic on Saturday after seven years of construction, making it more convenient for Taiwan compatriots to travel to the mainland.

  • Around China December 28, 2020

    China's poverty alleviation provides lessons for many countries: US economist

    China's poverty alleviation experience provides lessons for many countries, U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs says in a recent video interview with Xinhua. China has vowed to eradicate extreme poverty by the end of 2020. Nearly 100 million Chinese have been lifted out of poverty since 2013.

  • Around China December 31, 2020

    Strengthened financial support aids poverty alleviation: Finance minister

    China has been strengthening financial support for poverty alleviation for years, and the efforts have helped the country eradicate absolute poverty, Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun has said.

  • Sci-Tech December 25, 2020

    China-developed COVID-19 vaccine shown effective in Brazil trials: WSJ

    A China-developed COVID-19 vaccine has passed the 50 percent threshold for efficacy in late-stage trials in Brazil, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported. It means the vaccine is considered viable by international scientists and can be put into use.

  • Around China December 24, 2020

    World's first 350 km/h freight train off assembly line

    A bullet freight train with a maximum operational speed of 350 km per hour rolled off the assembly line in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province, on Wednesday morning.

  • Environment December 24, 2020

    China's green efforts | 2020 Year in Review

    On Jan. 1, 2020, China began a 10-year fishing ban in key areas of the Yangtze River to protect the biodiversity of China's longest river. The ban is part of China's efforts to advance green development and promote harmony between human and nature.

  • Around China December 23, 2020

    Promoting high-quality development along Yangtze River

    In the early 1980s, a romance movie filmed in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River featured mountains covered with red leaves, becoming a screen classic. As local people are working hard to restore the beautiful view, Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for efforts to promote high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

  • International Cooperation December 22, 2020

    China enhances int'l cooperation during year of pandemic

    Sending medical supplies and personnel, sharing prevention and control experience...China has advanced international exchanges and cooperation for the common health of mankind during the challenging year of pandemic.

  • Economy December 21, 2020

    Decoding China's economy in 2020

    At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic disrupted people's normal lives and caused an economic recession. This was not only a crisis but also a task for the whole world.

  • Sci-Tech December 18, 2020

    Timeline of China's Chang'e-5 mission

    The Chang'e-5 probe, comprising an orbiter, a lander, an ascender and a returner, is one of the most complicated and challenging missions in the country's aerospace history. Here is a timeline of the mission.

  • Around China December 15, 2020

    Fly Over Amazing China 2020

    Drones take us to review stunning scenery across China, with notable aerial photos taken by Xinhua photographers in 2020.

  • Around China December 15, 2020

    China's war on poverty

    After gathering and organizing materials for half a year, the American-Chinese co-production team of "China's Poverty Alleviation at the Grassroots" immersed themselves into the local lives of China's rural poor in remote mountainous areas. With "targeted poverty alleviation" being the main topic, five simple but touching stories personalize the process and depict the measures of combating poverty.

  • Around China December 14, 2020

    Nanjing Massacre: Reminder for future, lesson never to be forgotten

    On Dec. 13, 1937, the Japanese invaders captured Nanjing City. Over six weeks, these soldiers killed around 300,000 Chinese civilians and unarmed soldiers. The massacre was one of the most barbaric episodes of World War II.

  • Around China December 11, 2020

    New life for cliffside residents

    Not so long ago, Erbu's family lived a simple life in a village perched on the side of a cliff in Sichuan province, SW China. That all changed in May.

  • Environment December 10, 2020

    'Bird guardians' connecting man and nature

    "You just need to call out a few times, and the silver pheasants will fly out of the forest to meet you." This charming scene can be found in Ziyun village, southeast China's Fujian province. Recent news reports about Yang Meilin, a "guardian" of the silver pheasant here, have received widespread attention online.

  • Society December 10, 2020

    Looking back at building better lives in China

    China is making a final push this year to fully realize xiaokang, or a moderately prosperous society, in every respect. What has China done to help people live better lives? In this video, let's look back at building better lives in China.

  • Environment December 9, 2020

    Bird protectors of China's largest freshwater lake

    More than 350,000 migratory birds have reached China's largest freshwater lake, Poyang Lake for the winter. Li Yue, a local bird protector, has determined to become a guardian for these birds.

  • Around China December 8, 2020

    Villagers prospering after shaking off poverty in N China

    Residents lifted out of poverty are embracing their new lives in Fuping county, north China's Hebei province.

  • Sci-Tech December 8, 2020

    China launches new Earth observation satellite

    China successfully launched a new Earth-observation satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province at 11:58 a.m. Sunday (Beijing Time).

  • Society December 7, 2020

    China accomplishes its poverty alleviation target of the new era as scheduled

    China has accomplished its poverty alleviation target of the new era as scheduled and achieved a significant victory that impresses the world.

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