• Environment 11 24, 2017

    Hainan attracts birds with new wetland park

    Hainan, China's southernmost island famous for its tourism, has stepped up efforts in ecological protection, and is now attracting flocks of birds to a 3-million-square-meter wetland park.

  • Economy 11 24, 2017

    Is the bubble bursting for China's shared bike industry?

    "In the worst scenario, we will allow debtors to ride our bikes home," he said.

  • Sci-Tech 11 23, 2017

    China joins the 'big jet club'

    In October, before U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to China, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China signed an agreement on the implementation procedures of the bilateral airworthiness agreement.

  • Around China 11 22, 2017

    Technology helps clean up east Chinese province

    Starting 2016, Chen Xuefen, a "garbage sorting instructor" in east China's Zhejiang Province, has been giving her trash talks with the help of her smartphone.

  • Sci-Tech 11 21, 2017

    Nuclear sub designer, 93, is honored

    The chief designer of China's first generation of nuclear submarines rose to national prominence again recently when he was greeted by President Xi Jinping at a recent ceremony.

  • Sci-Tech 11 20, 2017

    Sky-high ambition to fulfill an 'unreachable' dream

    Nan, chief scientist of the FAST project, witnessed the completion of the radio telescope on site, despite the fact he had already been diagnosed with lung cancer by then.

  • Society 11 16, 2017

    From pest to profit: Locusts help farmers fight poverty

    As the first ray of sunshine reaches Damojing Village, Zhu Jinlian wakes up, puts on his clothes and braces against the wind as he makes his way to a shed.

  • Around China 11 15, 2017

    Hainan delivers cultural vitality through pottery

    Hainan, a province famous for its tropical scenery and tourism, actually possesses a vast reservoir of crafts and folk arts. Now, it is striving to tap its cultural vitality through pottery.

  • Society 11 15, 2017

    Organ donation program moves into overdrive

    "I do." Those two words brought Liu Yuan, a father of two boys, to the verge of tears. But it wasn't a wedding vow; it was an affirmative answer from the relative of an organ donor.

  • International Cooperation 11 14, 2017

    Innovation-driven growth: Chinese solution for Asia-Pacific

    The leaders of APEC member economies gathered in Da Nang, Vietnam on Nov. 10 to seek wider economic and trade cooperation.

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