• Around China July 28, 2020

    Central gov't to provide all necessary support for HKSAR to fight COVID-19

    China's central government will provide all necessary support for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, a spokesperson said Monday.

  • Around China July 28, 2020

    China sets up farmers' cooperatives in most impoverished villages

    More than 90 percent of poor villages in China have set up farmers' cooperatives, which play an important role in the country's poverty alleviation efforts.

  • Economy July 28, 2020

    China's industrial profits rebound, pressure persists

    Profits of China's major industrial firms rebounded in the second quarter (Q2) as business activities continued to pick up, but the recovery still faces uncertainties due to the global spread of COVID-19.

  • Around China July 27, 2020

    CIIE exhibitors set up special committee on public health, epidemic control

    The exhibitors' association of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) announced Sunday to set up some special committees, including one for public health and epidemic prevention.

  • Economy July 27, 2020

    China's industrial profits up 11.5% in June

    Profits of China's major industrial firms in June totaled 666.55 billion yuan (about US$95.18 billion), increasing by 11.5 percent year on year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Monday.

  • Society July 27, 2020

    China clarifies quarantine, detection rules for overseas arrivals

    The Chinese government has released a circular clarifying the rules of quarantine and nucleic acid testing for overseas arrivals.

  • Around China July 27, 2020

    China steps up flood control in Yangtze River

    China's Ministry of Water Resources on Sunday urged greater efforts to ensure flood control safety after the third flood of the year in the Yangtze River occurred in its upper reaches.

  • Around China July 24, 2020

    Clifftop villagers' ladder to better lives

    This May, 84 registered poor households from Atulieer village atop a cliff in southwestern China's Sichuan province climbed down a steel ladder and moved into new homes in a nearby town, as a result of China's poverty alleviation efforts. The village, about 800 meters above the cliff bottom, once had a ladder made of vine and wood as the only way down. In 2017, a 2,556-step steel ladder was built by the local government, making it much easier for villagers to go out.

  • Diplomacy July 24, 2020

    China informs US to close its Consulate General in Chengdu

    Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday informed the U.S. Embassy in China of its decision to withdraw its consent for the establishment and operation of the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu.

  • Around China July 24, 2020

    China's Urumqi provides free accommodation, COVID-19 tests for tourists

    Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has provided free accommodation and nucleic acid tests for tourists stranded there since new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in the region.

  • Around China July 24, 2020

    China has over 1.3 billion mobile internet users

    China had 1.319 billion mobile internet users by the end of 2019, accounting for 32.17 percent of the world's total, according to a report on China's internet development.

  • Society July 24, 2020

    China to intensify infectious disease prevention in H2: Document

    China will give priority to the prevention of COVID-19 while deepening healthcare reform in the second half of this year, according to a document issued Thursday.

  • Economy July 24, 2020

    Chinese SOE profits bounce back in June

    Profits and revenues of China's state-owned and state-controlled enterprises (SOEs) posted this year's first year-on-year growth in June, the Ministry of Finance said on Thursday.

  • Economy July 24, 2020

    Global companies step up investment in China

    Foreign businesses are stepping up their investment and forming more local partnerships to reinforce their strong commitment to China and cash in on the country's vast market potential and dynamic growth momentum, experts said.

  • Economy July 24, 2020

    Trade fair on green development opens in NW China

    A trade fair on green development opened Thursday in northwest China's Qinghai Province, featuring online contract signing for the first time due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Politics July 24, 2020

    China denounces US request to close Houston consulate

    China said on Thursday the U.S. request to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston will cause serious damage to bilateral relations, calling the move "taking down the bridge of friendship between Chinese and U.S. people."

  • Around China July 22, 2020

    Luohu: New front of reform and opening-up

    Shenzhen first took root in Luohu, as the special economic zone initiated its reform and opening-up in the district.

  • Economy July 22, 2020

    Trade winds blowing favorably for China

    Global capital, talent, services and manufacturing businesses will continue to move eastward, especially to China, in the post-COVID-19 era, though the world will still have to deal with uncertainties such as protectionism and unilateralism, experts said on Tuesday.

  • Society July 22, 2020

    China boosts employment with major cut in social insurance contributions

    China has slashed social insurance contributions paid by enterprises amid efforts to boost the job market hit by COVID-19, officials said Tuesday.

  • Economy July 22, 2020

    China unveils guideline to boost business environment

    The State Council issued a guideline Tuesday to further improve China's business environment and better serve market entities.

  • Economy July 22, 2020

    China to strengthen law enforcement for better business environment

    China's judicial and law enforcement agencies have been urged to strengthen law enforcement to ensure a better environment for enterprises, with a crackdown focusing on crimes that jeopardize business operations.

  • Around China July 22, 2020

    Beijing to reopen cinemas after months-long closure

    Cinemas in Beijing's low-risk areas for COVID-19 can resume operations on Friday, with effective epidemic prevention measures in place, a local official said on Tuesday.

  • Around China July 22, 2020

    China's Urumqi conducts citywide COVID-19 tests

    Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is carrying out free nucleic acid tests for all residents and people who are visiting the city, in a bid to screen for novel coronavirus infections and reduce the risk of the epidemic spread.

  • Diplomacy July 21, 2020

    China strongly condemns UK's suspension of extradition treaty with HKSAR

    Any attempt to pressurize China and obstruct the implementation of the National Security Law for the HKSAR will meet the strong opposition of 1.4 billion Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, and such attempt is doomed to failure.

  • Around China July 21, 2020

    All impoverished households in Xinjiang connected to safe tap supplies

    A 1.75 billion-yuan (US$247.5 million) centralized water supply project was completed on May 20 in Payzawat county of Kashgar prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, marking that safe and clean water is now available for all impoverished people in the autonomous region.

  • Policy July 21, 2020

    China requires negative COVID-19 tests for inbound air passengers

    Passengers on flights to China are required to provide negative nucleic acid test results before boarding, the country's civil aviation regulator said Tuesday.

  • Economy July 21, 2020

    Chinese cinemas reopen after COVID-19 closure

    Tickets sold like hotcakes and audiences burst into cheers as cinemas in most parts of the Chinese mainland reopened Monday, ending months-long closures meant to contain the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • Sci-Tech July 21, 2020

    China launches first blockchain e-seal application platform

    China has launched its first e-seal application platform based on blockchain technology, with the aim of boosting security and convenience for enterprises.

  • Economy July 21, 2020

    China sees boom in 'homebody economy'

    China is seeing a boom in its "homebody economy" amid the COVID-19 epidemic, as new forms of business such as online shopping, food delivery, online education, and working from home have seen explosive growth since the outbreak.

  • Around China July 20, 2020

    Making a fortune at home

    How cool is it to open an amusement park at home? That's what the two Gong brothers did in Wanshou village of Sichuan province, a once poverty-stricken village in China. With good prospects for rural tourism, they returned from Shenzhen in 2018 and turned their farmyard into this amusement park. They said their growing happiness lies in earning money while staying with the family.

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