• Around China August 26, 2020

    Tourism industry revived by Chinese Valentine's Day

    Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day, which fell on Tuesday, turned out to be a boon for the country's tourism and hospitality sectors.

  • Economy August 26, 2020

    IPO reform on start-up board spurs capital market vitality

    Eighteen start-up companies went public Monday on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under a new Initial Public Offering (IPO) system, releasing more of the vitality of the country's capital market.

  • Diplomacy August 25, 2020

    Decoupling existing cooperation between countries doomed to boomerang: Chinese FM

    Any attempt by a country to decouple the existing cooperation with other countries is against the laws of the market economy and the wishes of enterprises, and is doomed to hurt itself like a boomerang.

  • Diplomacy August 25, 2020

    China supports TikTok using legal weapons to defend its interests

    China's foreign ministry on Monday expressed support for companies including TikTok to take up legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights and interests.

  • Economy August 25, 2020

    Carrie Lam vows to maintain Hong Kong's status as aviation, logistics hub

    The HKSAR government is committed to maintaining Hong Kong's status as an international aviation hub, an international maritime center and a regional logistics hub.

  • Around China August 25, 2020

    China's grain inventory at high level: Official

    China's grain inventory has been kept at a high level, with abundant government grain reserves and policy reserves, an official with the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration said on Monday.

  • Sci-Tech August 25, 2020

    5G coverage for main public areas of Shanghai airports

    The major public areas of two international airports in Shanghai will get full 5G network coverage before the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicks off in November.

  • Around China August 24, 2020

    China unveils world's first self-driving tram

    World's first self-driving energy-storage tram that can be used in airport mass rapid transit, or MRT system, has rolled off the production line of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd.

  • Around China August 24, 2020

    Official: Emergency use of coronavirus vaccines authorized

    China has already authorized emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines developed by domestic companies, a senior health official said on Saturday.

  • Economy August 24, 2020

    'Dual circulation' policy to boost economic resilience

    China's strategic focus on strengthening self-sufficiency while deepening opening-up will cement its economic resilience and provide global investors with stability despite the lingering uncertainties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, analysts said on Sunday.

  • Sci-Tech August 24, 2020

    China's Mars probe to conduct second orbital correction in September

    China's Mars probe Tianwen-1 will carry out its second orbital correction in September to ensure that it travels in the preset orbit, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

  • Sci-Tech August 24, 2020

    China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite

    China successfully launched a new optical remote-sensing satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 10:27 a.m. Sunday (Beijing Time).

  • Economy August 21, 2020

    Talks with US to start soon, ministry says

    China and the United States have agreed to hold talks "in the coming days" on economic and trade issues, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said on Thursday.

  • Around China August 21, 2020

    China's Gaofen-7 satellite put into service

    The China National Space Administration announced on Thursday that the Gaofen-7 Earth observation satellite has been put into service, representing significant progress for the country's surveying and mapping capabilities.

  • Politics August 21, 2020

    China urges US to stop suppressing Chinese enterprises

    China's Ministry of Commerce on Thursday urged the United States to stop suppressing Chinese enterprises and do more things that are conducive to economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and the well-being of the two peoples.

  • Sci-Tech August 21, 2020

    China's Mars probe over 8M km away from Earth

    China's Mars probe Tianwen-1 has traveled more than 8 million km away from Earth and is functioning normally, according to the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of the China National Space Administration Thursday.

  • Around China August 20, 2020

    More than 700 tourism organizations to participate in CIFTIS

    Tourism services are an important part of service trade. In the upcoming 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), more than 700 tourism organizations, companies and guests from more than 40 countries and regions are expected to participate in the exhibition.

  • Around China August 20, 2020

    Three Gorges reservoir receives record water flow

    The Three Gorges Reservoir in central China's Hubei Province is undergoing the test of a record high inbound water flow on Wednesday since the reservoir was constructed in 2003.

  • Sci-Tech August 20, 2020

    China to launch 4 ocean-observation satellites in 2 years

    China will launch four ocean-observation satellites within the coming 16 months, according to China Youth Daily.

  • Around China August 20, 2020

    China updates COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment protocol

    China's health authorities have published the latest version of the "Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia."

  • Around China August 20, 2020

    China allocates 460 million yuan for flood relief

    China has earmarked 460 million yuan (about 66.5 million U.S. dollars) to support flood control and disaster relief in four provincial-level regions, the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) said on Wednesday.

  • Around China August 20, 2020

    China's resort island to open three new duty-free shops

    China's island province of Hainan plans to open three new offshore duty-free shops this year, authorities said at a Wednesday press conference.

  • Around China August 19, 2020

    China celebrates Medical Workers' Day

    Today we salute all the medical workers across China who are doing their best to safeguard people's health and well-being. China set Aug. 19 as its Medical Workers' Day to call for everyone to celebrate and say thank you to its healthcare professionals.

  • Around China August 19, 2020

    Three Gorges reservoir braces for severe floods

    This coming Thursday the Three Gorges reservoir in central China's Hubei Province is expected to see the most severe round of floods since it started to hold water in 2003.

  • Economy August 19, 2020

    China shifts to targeted monetary policy

    China has suspended its large-scale monetary easing, as the economy is recovering, and shifted to innovative monetary measures to channel funds into weak sectors in a more targeted way, while guarding against financial risks, policy analysts said on Tuesday.

  • Economy August 19, 2020

    Cross-border e-commerce propels China's foreign trade

    Amid great global economic uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, China's foreign trade sector has delivered better-than-expected performances so far this year, with cross-border e-commerce providing impetus.

  • Around China August 18, 2020

    Water projects help farmers in arid area shake off poverty

    Hanjiaoshui township in Zhongning county, northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, was once a poverty-stricken area due to drought. With the help of two projects built by the government to ease water shortage and improve irrigation, local farmers have increased their income and shaken off poverty through watermelon planting and other specialty industries.

  • Around China August 18, 2020

    Shenzhen announces citywide 5G coverage

    Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui announced on Monday that the city has achieved full coverage of 5G independent networking.

  • Around China August 18, 2020

    Beijing-Xiong'an high-speed railway marks new milestone

    Track laying for a high-speed railway linking Beijing and Xiong'an New Area in neighboring Hebei province was completed on Monday, marking a countdown to the full operation of the line, according to local railway operator.

  • Around China August 17, 2020

    New road in Nujiang links isolated towns in SW hinterlands

    A scenic road in China's southwestern Yunnan province opened to traffic after over two years of construction. With a total length of 288.3 kilometers, the road links up the remote areas of Gongshan, Fugong, and Lushui in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, benefiting 300,000 people in 17 towns.

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