International students experience Qinghai culture

A total of 26 international students experience the unique culture in western China's Qinghai Province.

China SCIOUpdated: August 9, 2017

On August 1, the "2017 International Students Focus on China" culture tour, guided by the State Council Information Office (SCIO), kicked off in Xining, Qinghai Province, in western China. A total of 26 international students from Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, and Communication University of China participated in the 15-day cultural experience event. The students, hailing from 16 countries, visited museums, universities and tourist attractions in the province.

On July 31, 2017, international students arrive in Xining, Qinghai Province. International students from Tsinghua University take a group photo with their teacher. [Photo by Wang Shidan/China SCIO]

Zhu Hongli, an official from the Human Rights Affairs Bureau of the SCIO, gave a speech at the opening ceremony of this event. "Qinghai, as the first stop of the '2017 International Students Focus on China,' boasts a colorful landscape and culture. International students can adopt multiple unique perspectives by observing the scenery and experiencing the culture while using their cameras to capture the beauty of western China. It is a great opportunity to enhance the communication and friendship among international students in China."

The group began the tour by visiting the Qinghai Museum for its ancient stone and bone artifacts, bronze and porcelain ware, paintings and calligraphy works, as well as religious artworks. The students then tried their hands at calligraphy at the Qinghai Culture Museum, writing Chinese characters using Chinese brushes. They also visited ten exhibition halls in the Tibetan Medicine Museum of China, the only museum in the world featuring Tibetan medicine and culture.

On August 2, the international students took a tour to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Museum, the largest natural museum in China. The museum displays the geology and geomorphology of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and also touches upon the folk customs in this region. The students observed the ecological environment as well as the plants and animals of the plateau, and praised the efforts and achievements of China's ecological protection. Later, the group visited the new campus of the Qinghai Normal University, and interacted with students there through lively conversations and even sports competition.

The group went on for a sightseeing tour to Qinghai Lake and Riyue Mountain on the third day to get in touch with nature, while capturing the beautiful scenery with photos.

In the following days, the group will travel to other Tibetan regions in Qinghai Province including Guoluo, Huangnan, Yushu for sightseeing, photography, and experiencing the folk customs and culture.