Full Text: Biodiversity Conservation in China

White Paper
The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China on Friday released a white paper titled "Biodiversity Conservation in China."

XinhuaUpdated: October 8, 2021


The Earth is the homeland of humanity and we should protect it together. Biodiversity is the foundation for human survival and development, and the bloodline of all life on Earth. Facing the global challenge of biodiversity loss, humanity is one community that shares one and the same future.

On its new journey towards a modern socialist country, China is now equipped with better resources for boosting eco-civilization. But it also faces many challenges and heavy tasks. Looking to the future, China will uphold the idea of a shared future for humanity and nature, treat biodiversity conservation as an important part of eco-civilization, and continue to modernize its biodiversity governance system and capabilities. It will work to improve natural ecosystems, reinforce eco-environmental services, and provide more eco-environmental products, to achieve a virtuous cycle of natural ecosystems and meet the people's growing demand for a beautiful eco-environment.

China will always stand guard for our harmonious and beautiful planet for all life and contribute to its wellbeing with action. It will work together with the international community on a new model of global biodiversity governance that is fairer and more reasonable, with each member contributing its share, so as to realize the worldwide vision of harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. It will continue to help build a global community of shared future, and move forward into better times with the rest of the world.

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