Full Text: Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

White Paper

China issued a white paper on employment and labor rights in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Thursday.

XinhuaUpdated: September 17, 2020


Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, has emphasized that employment is pivotal to people's wellbeing. The Global Employment Agenda adopted by the ILO states that employment is central to poverty reduction. Having decent work is of vital importance to one's survival and growth, a harmonious and happy family life, and the long-term stability of society. The proactive polices to ensure employment and job security adopted by the local government of Xinjiang have effectively protected all ethnic groups' basic labor rights, greatly improved their living and working conditions, and fully satisfied their aspirations to create a better life. 

For years, certain international forces, guilty of ideological bias and prejudiced against China, have been applying double standards in Xinjiang, criticizing "breaches of human rights" while ignoring the tremendous efforts Xinjiang has made to protect human rights. They have fabricated facts to support their false claims of "forced labor" in Xinjiang, and smeared the local government's work on employment and job security. Their acts amount to a denial of the fact that the local people in Xinjiang enjoy the right to work, aspire to move out of poverty and backwardness and are working towards that goal. Such groundless allegation would be strongly opposed by everyone who values justice and progress.

Respecting and protecting human rights are principles enshrined in the Constitution of China. The CPC and the Chinese government have always prioritized the protection of the citizens' rights to work and employment; we have taken a resolute stance against forced labor and eradicated it in any form. Xinjiang's policies and practices concerning employment and job security comply with China's Constitution and relevant laws, conform to international labor and human rights standards, and support the will of all ethnic groups to live a better life. They have served to meet the people's needs, improve their wellbeing, and win their support. 

Work helps to make a difference and create happiness. Looking forward, Xinjiang will continue its commitment to the people-centered philosophy of development, adhere to the principle that employment is of paramount importance to people's wellbeing, implement the strategy of giving priority to employment, and introduce more proactive policies to boost employment. With tireless efforts it will strive to grow employment in volume and quality, to meet the growing expectation of all ethnic groups for a better life.

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