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Robots used to unload garbage in China's Shenzhen

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Intelligent robots are used to help street cleaners unload garbage in Shenzhen, a technology hub in south China's Guangdong Province. Two robots were put into use at a waste transfer station in Changling Village, Luohu District, on Monday. Holding a 660-liter dumpster detached from a garbage collection vehicle, a robot moves along a radar-designed route to deliver it at the trash station. The dumpster is then rolled over by mechanised arms, dumping the waste into an underground compression box for further processing. After dumping the trash that can weigh more than 200 kg, the robot carries the empty dumpster to the cleaning area where cleaners wash it for reuse. The robots have been developed by Sagacity Environment, a local technology company.

XinhuaUpdated: October 29, 2020