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Chinese animations and comics to exhibit in Japan


An exhibition of animations and comics from China will be unveiled in Osaka, Japan, on June 22.

China SCIOUpdated: June 4, 2019

A touring exhibition of animations and comics from China will open in Osaka, Japan, on June 22, and then make stops in Kobe and Nara.

The event will include a series of forums and screenings, aiming to boost communication between animators and comic artists in the two countries and celebrate the 41st anniversary of the China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty and the upcoming G20 in Osaka.

This exhibition will be the debut for a record number of Chinese animations and comics in Japan. Apart from China's traditional masterpieces known for their uses of ink, paper cuttings, and simple lines, original artworks currently popular in China will also be on display. The event's organizers said they hope the wide range of styles from China's young animators and comic artists could bring a new perspective for Chinese comics and culture to people in Japan.

Connections between Chinese and Japanese animators began as early as in the 20th century. "The Princess of the Iron Fan" produced in 1940 was the first Chinese animation screened in Japan, and "Astroboy" was the first Japanese animation series shown in China to great success. Co-productions such as "The Emperor's Dream" have been fundamental to the development of China's animation industry.

The exhibition tour is jointly sponsored by China's State Council Information Office and State Administration of Radio and Television, aiming to improve the cultural exchanges between China and Japan and bridge the friendship between the peoples.