• Economy January 18, 2018

    China sees more balanced cross-border capital flow in 2017

    China saw more balanced cross-border capital flow in 2017 as willingness to purchase the greenback waned thanks to rising confidence in the Chinese yuan and the domestic economy.

  • Economy January 18, 2018

    China steps up efforts to rein in central SOE debt

    China aims to cut the average debt-to-asset ratio by another 2 percentage points for its centrally administered, State-owned enterprises by 2020, the country's State asset regulator said on Wednesday.

  • Economy January 17, 2018

    China's central SOEs report falling debt-to-asset ratio

    China's centrally administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs) reported a falling debt-to-asset ratio last year as regulators took measures to contain debt in the sector, official data showed Wednesday.

  • Economy January 15, 2018

    SCIO briefing on China's imports and exports in 2017

    A press conference was held Friday morning to introduce China's import and export statistics for 2017.

  • Economy January 12, 2018

    China's foreign trade up 14.2 percent in 2017

    China's foreign trade volume rose 14.2 percent year on year to 27.79 trillion yuan (4.28 trillion U.S. dollars), ending the previous continuous drop of the previous two years, official data showed Friday.

  • Around China January 10, 2018

    Out of poverty the Zhashui way

    Mountainous Zhashui County is making a long trek out of poverty.

  • Society January 8, 2018

    China cuts poor population by two-thirds

    China has reduced poverty by more than two-thirds over the past five years, a senior poverty alleviation official said Friday.

  • Environment January 8, 2018

    Lake chiefs' responsibility won't expire

    Officials from the provincial level down to townships who oversee lakes in their area will still be held responsible for their watery wards long after their tenure if environmental problems originated during their watch.

  • Environment January 5, 2018

    'Lake chiefs' expected to be in place by end of year

    The top official of each provincial region will head up a "lake chief" system to coordinate the protection and management of lakes and their tributaries, according to a guideline published by the central government on Thursday.

  • Sci-Tech December 28, 2017

    Satellite network marks 5 years as guide

    In the five years since its launch, China's domestically developed Beidou Navigation Satellite System has become a vital resource for public and commercial services nationwide, a senior official said.

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