• Society February 8, 2018

    China's rural transportation network to grow stronger

    The Ministry of Transport says it regards the construction of "Sihao Rural Roads" as an important vehicle for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society.

  • Sci-Tech February 8, 2018

    Autonomous vehicles due for policy boost

    China is formulating technology standards for self-driving vehicles to promote technology research into autonomous vehicles, the minister of transport said.

  • Around China February 8, 2018

    China's rural vitalization: Three counties' plans

    China set out a roadmap to vitalize rural areas in its "No.1 Central Document" released on Sunday, which was followed by Communist Party of China (CPC) chiefs from three counties sharing their own blueprints to encourage remigration.

  • Society February 7, 2018

    Talent needed for rural revitalization

    Talent is key to revitalizing China's rural areas, officials said at a news conference organized by the State Council Information Office of China on Tuesday.

  • Economy February 6, 2018

    Spring Festival holiday retail sales expected to rise 10 percent

    Total earnings of retail and catering enterprises in China are expected to surge by 10 percent year on year during the week-long Spring Festival holiday starting from Feb. 15, Ministry of Commerce said Tuesday.

  • Policy February 5, 2018

    China to release national rural vitalization strategic program

    China will release a national rural vitalization strategic program (2018-2022) to implement policies under the "No. 1 central document" this year.

  • Society February 2, 2018

    China guides social sector on poverty alleviation

    China's Ministry of Civil Affairs said in a press conference on Thursday that the country would guide social organizations on poverty relief work.

  • Society February 2, 2018

    China's elderly care services improving

    China's elderly care services have seen "notable progress" after a nationwide inspection last year in which more than 40,000 nursing homes were requested to "make improvements", the minister of civil affairs said on Thursday.

  • Society February 1, 2018

    China vows smooth Spring Festival travel rush

    China will take multiple measures to ensure a smooth Spring Festival travel rush, according to an official with China's top economic planner Wednesday.

  • Economy January 31, 2018

    Manufacturing in nationwide high-tech push

    The nation will seek to maintain strong industrial growth momentum in 2018 by making a fresh push to marshal the country's high-end manufacturing power, according to the country's top industrial development regulator.

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