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SCIO press conference on water management and national water security

China.org.cn | September 25, 2023



Issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the overall plan for building a digital China proposes constructing a smart water conservancy system centered on digital twin watersheds. Please explain the profound significance of building such a smart water conservancy system for ensuring national water security. Additionally, how is the MWR advancing smart water conservancy? Thank you.

Li Guoying:

I appreciate your keen interest and attention regarding this issue. The MWR has been diligently studying and implementing General SecretaryXi Jinping's thought on boosting China's strength in cyberspace and his key remarks on the management of water resources. We rigorously enact the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. We consider the smart water conservancy as one of the six sensible ways for improving water conservancy as we enter a new stage. We adhere to the principles of demand-driven, practical-first, digital empowerment, and capability enhancement and utilize the new generation of information technology, in order to systematically establish a digital twin water conservancy system and provide forward-looking, science-based, precise, and secure support for water conservancy decision-making and management.

The digital twin water conservancy system is a measure for advancing smart water conservancy. When carrying out this work, we focus on three main aspects:

The first concerns the development of digital twin watersheds. With the primary goal of providing comprehensive support for unified watershed planning, governance, coordination, and management, our focus is on strengthening watersheds' resilience against floods and droughts, promoting the efficient conservation and utilization of water resources, optimizing water resource allocation, and better preserving water ecosystems. And we achieve this by enriching data, optimizing algorithms, and enhancing computing power to accelerate the digital mapping, intelligent simulation, and forward-looking rehearsal of all elements within watersheds and the comprehensive processes of water conservancy governance and management.

The second involves building digital twin water networks. Our main objective is to create a well-developed system that is safe and reliable, intensively managed and efficient, and green and intelligent, as well as featuring smooth circulation, and orderly regulation and control. Our efforts are concentrated on ensuring the safety of projects, water supply, and water quality. We do solid work in the planning, design, construction and full life cycle management of projects to achieve synchronized simulation operation. This facilitates interaction between the virtual and real components, ensuring iterative optimization.

The third is building digital twin projects. With the aim to ensure the safety of water conservancy projects and maximize their benefits, we rapidly advance the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology throughout the entire lifecycle of water conservancy projects. This enables projects-related online monitoring, scenario rehearsals, problem identification, optimized coordination, and safety guarantees. Thank you.

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