Cooperation and exchanges between China and Greece

International Exchanges

China and Greece, two major ancient civilizations in the world, are holding hands together in the modern world. Let's have a look at the cooperation and exchanges between the two countries. November 11, 2019


Guo Weimin (5th L), vice minister of the State Council Information Office of China, with Chinese and Greek organizers of the exhibition gather at Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, Athens, on Oct 31, 2019, to announce the launch of the cultural exchange event. [Photo/]

The character image of China's blockbuster hot animation film Ne Zha and Chinese Xiaolin Comics went on display in Athens on Oct. 31, 2019, as part of the largest-ever Chinese cartoon exhibition in the country.

More than 100 representative works of Chinese modern comics, which have been called "The hope of Chinese national comics" by Chinese internet users now can be enjoyed by local Greeks until the middle of November.

Furthermore, a series of events named "From ink: A trip of Chinese animation in Greece" was launched in Athens on Oct. 31. The series includes exhibitions, workshops, and other cultural exchange activities.

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