• Human Rights June 4, 2020

    'I can't breathe' a microcosm of life in US for ethnic minorities: Expert

    "When video footage showing police brutality goes viral online, it strikes a nerve with vulnerable groups in the U.S.," explained Yuan Peng, president of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations.

  • Society February 5, 2020

    Swift, decisive, transparent, cooperative -- China buying world time in fight against coronavirus epidemic

    In the unexpected battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak, China is making all-out efforts to protect its own people, and meanwhile taking on its responsibility as a major country to contain the spread of the epidemic.

  • Around China February 1, 2020

    Former WHO chief: China sets new global standard in epidemic control

    China's performance received compliments from all over the world, which has set a new standard for countries around the world in epidemic prevention and control.

  • Economy January 22, 2020

    Opening up wider — China's choice

    As a major engine of the world economy, China is going to open its door wider.

  • Economy January 20, 2020

    Provincial 'two sessions' signal China's high-quality development

    China's local "two sessions" have sent signals of sustained growth and high-quality development.

  • Economy January 17, 2020

    China, US sign phase-one trade deal, adding certainty to global economy

    The deal is a hard-won phased outcome for the U.S.-initiated trade tensions with China, and the progress shows that the world's two largest economies are seeking a more rational way to break the deadlock and inject positive energy into the stability and development of the world economy.

  • Environment January 17, 2020

    Time for action

    UN member states have committed to a decade of action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. There is no time for delay.

  • Society January 16, 2020

    China's Spring Festival travel getting easier, cosier

    With new technologies, services and stronger transportation capability, passengers can now enjoy a more convenient trip home by train.

  • Around China January 14, 2020

    China's island province to continue optimizing business environment

    South China's Hainan province will make continuous efforts to optimize the business environment in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone in a bid to facilitate the construction of the Hainan free trade zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

  • Around China January 13, 2020

    Major cross-regional projects witness China's high-quality development

    Over the past year, a group of cross-regional projects has witnessed China's pursuit of high-quality development through optimizing water resources, boosting sustainable development and improving people's lives.

  • Sci-Tech January 13, 2020

    Nation soars ahead with space missions

    ​Last year, a long chapter was written in the history of China's space industry, with a host of memorable events taking place.

  • Around China January 13, 2020

    Beijing's sub-center rises from blueprint to scale

    On the first anniversary of a control plan for Beijing's sub-center construction in the eastern suburb of Tongzhou District as well as the relocation of the city's key municipal organs, a more livable, business-friendly city with good working conditions is taking shape, sparkling with vigor and vitality.

  • International Cooperation January 9, 2020

    Eco-friendly coal-fired plant powers houses, wins hearts in Pakistan

    As a major investment under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Sahiwal power plant has so far generated 21.83 billion KWh of electricity, effectively narrowing the gap in power supply in the country, especially in the Punjab province.

  • Economy January 7, 2020

    Nation eases path for business

    A key part of real estate broker Long Kai's job is to help homebuyers register their properties. Until a year ago, this involved many trips to government offices and waiting in long lines to be served.

  • Around China January 6, 2020

    Qinghai tourism set to blossom with winter sports boom

    As winter arrives on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the extreme cold doesn't seem to bother winter sports lovers heading to the mountains in northwest China's Qinghai province for skiing and other wintertime activities.

  • Around China January 6, 2020

    What world expects from China in new year

    The arrival of the new year is a time to celebrate the present, reflect on the past and list expectations for the future.

  • Around China January 3, 2020

    Last village without a road is connected to the outside world

    Before the construction of the road linking the village to the outside started in June 2018, Abuluoha was believed to be the last village without a road in the country, said Song Ming, an information officer with the Liangshan prefecture government.

  • Economy January 3, 2020

    New law gives foreign investors teeth in bite of China market

    As a comprehensive and fundamental set of legal standards for foreign investment activities, the foreign investment law, passed by the country's top legislature in early 2019, took effect on Jan. 1, 2020 to better protect foreign investors' interests.

  • International Cooperation January 2, 2020

    China-ASEAN FTA gears up for next golden decade

    The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area marks its 10th anniversary. As a most populous FTA, it has boosted regional economic connectivity as multilateral trade triumphs.

  • Sci-Tech December 30, 2019

    How 5G can transform first aid, healthcare in China

    China in June officially approved 5G commercial services, marking the start of a smart new era as the application of the superfast wireless technology helps connect more services, sectors and people from all walks of life.

  • Diplomacy December 27, 2019

    China in 2019: Diplomacy breaks new ground

    China scored several major diplomatic achievements in 2019. With four important events at home and President Xi Jinping undertaking seven overseas trips, China's approaches to global governance and the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind are gaining worldwide recognition.

  • Around China December 24, 2019

    Relocation programs accelerate China's campaign against absolute poverty

    China's Guizhou Province has completed a large-scale relocation program as part of the country's efforts to eradicate poverty. Experts said moving a large number of people out of environmentally-vulnerable mountainous regions helps achieve the dual objectives of winning the anti-poverty campaign and restoring the ecological environment.

  • International Cooperation December 23, 2019

    China participates in global cooperation for unlimited, clean fusion energy

    China is contributing to global scientific research on how to harness fusion energy as it joins the rest of the world in searching a potential source of safe, carbon-free, and virtually limitless energy. China, India, Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea, the European Union and the United States are now engaged in a 35-year collaboration to build and operate the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) experimental device and bring fusion to the point where a demonstration reactor can be designed.

  • International Exchanges December 20, 2019

    Upcoming China-Japan-ROK leaders' meeting to chart course for future cooperation

    The upcoming China-Japan-ROK leaders' meeting to be held in China next week will chart the course for future cooperation and nurture more cooperation highlights and growth areas, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui said Thursday.

  • Economy December 20, 2019

    China remains 'gold mine' for foreign investors

    Since the beginning of the year, China has maintained a stable and upward trend in attracting foreign capital with more major foreign-invested projects worth billions or even tens of billions U.S. dollars.

  • Around China December 19, 2019

    20 years back with motherland, Macao model of 'one country, two systems' success

    During the past 20 years, China's Macao has experienced profound changes to become a flourishing international free port with its per capita GDP and life expectancy among the highest in the world.

  • Culture December 19, 2019

    Museums bring more fine traditional culture into Chinese lives

    In 2019, more Chinese people have come to find museums as a bridge between their lives and traditional culture.

  • Society December 17, 2019

    High-speed rail connects major cities in SW China's mountainous regions

    The 648-km-long Chengdu-Guiyang high-speed rail line was launched on Monday. Linking two transport hubs in southwest China, it is an important part of China's ambitious plan to build a high-speed railway network across the country.

  • Around China December 16, 2019

    Macao, mainland's 20-year journey of shared development

    Macao has enjoyed tremendous development since it returned to the motherland 20 years ago. Local residents have witnessed the changes.

  • Around China December 16, 2019

    Yangtze River Delta, vanguard of China's fast-forward opening-up

    With a 358,000-square km expanse, about the same size as Germany, China's Yangtze River Delta region that enjoys exceptional advantages such as a solid industrial foundation, the huge domestic market and reform and opening-up policies, is running on the fast track of integration.

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