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Pudong area marks 30 years of economic progress


Groundbreaking progress on many fronts has been made in Pudong New Area in Shanghai, which is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its development and opening-up.

XinhuaUpdated: November 9, 2020

Investors line up to buy stocks in September 1986, when the Shanghai Stock Exchange reopened after the founding of New China in 1949. [Photo/For China Daily]

Economic dynamics

Weng Zuliang, Party chief of Pudong New Area, said "high-quality development" should be a key phrase for the district's development. The area's economic vibrancy, which reflects the nation's dynamic economic achievements, should be supported by high-end industries, new technologies and business models, he said.

According to the Pudong government's development plan, six key industrial clusters, each valued at more than 100 billion yuan, should be built by 2025, covering chip making, innovative drugs, aviation, new energy vehicles, smart manufacturing and big data.

A considerable effort toward achieving this goal has been made in Zhangjiang, an area of central Pudong focusing on biomedicine and major scientific equipment. In 2016, Zhangjiang was approved as China's first national-level comprehensive science center. A total of 24,000 companies, mainly specializing in integrated circuitry, biomedicine and artificial intelligence, are registered in Zhangjiang.

Weng said: "From day one, Pudong has shouldered a heavy responsibility to help carry out China's national strategies. Development of Pudong is never just about the district itself, but is also closely related to development of the whole country.

"Pudong should become a key link in China's new 'dual circulation' strategy in order to become more deeply integrated with world competition and cooperation."

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