Guangdong newspaper goes all out for coverage of Belt & Road Initiative

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The Guangzhou-based newspaper Yangcheng Evening News has sent reporters to countries along the Belt and Road for the overseas coverage of the initiative.

China SCIOUpdated: March 20, 2018

Since May 2017, Yangcheng Evening News has pulled out all the stops for the overseas coverage of China's Belt and Road initiative, sending groups of reporters to various countries along the Belt and Road.

After the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was hosted in Beijing last May, the Guangzhou-based newspaper has sent reporters to countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE, Russia, France, Italy, the U.K., Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Spain. It reported on the achievements of the initiative and Guangdong's contributions to the Belt and Road construction, and helped to promote cultural communication and cooperation. 

Yangcheng Evening News also established a cooperation alliance with domestic and foreign media organizations. Through the alliance, Yangcheng Evening News and various overseas Chinese-language media organizations were able to share contacts and other resources to promote the messages from the Belt and Road Initiative. 

In nearly one year since the start of the campaign, Yangcheng Even News has gained wide attention from Chinese-language media organizations overseas, some of which conducted their own reporting on the campaign. One such report is an article reporting on the "transformation and upgrading" of the career of Chinese residents in Barcelona, which was reprinted on People's Daily Overseas Edition and other prominent media outlets.