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White paper: China contributes to regional and global security, stability

Xinhua | January 23, 2024


China carries out counterterrorism work in accordance with the law, and has heightened the people's sense of security, defended national security, and contributed to regional and global security and stability, said a white paper issued by China's State Council Information Office Tuesday.

According to the white paper titled "China's Legal Framework and Measures for Counterterrorism," China actively promotes improved terrorism prevention standards in key sectors and localities, formulates or revises counterterrorism contingency plans, and encourages and supports counterterrorism-related scientific research and technological innovation.

Apart from specialized efforts, China also relies on the public in working to counter terrorism. It conducts extensive public education, with its counterterrorism capacity constantly improving, according to the white paper.

China has continued to take tough action against violent terrorism, effectively safeguarding national security and social stability, and markedly improving people's sense of security, said the document.

While striking hard at unlawful and criminal terrorist activities, China attaches greater importance to the education and rehabilitation of victims of extremist teachings who have committed only minor offenses, said the document.

Relevant government departments, women's associations and other social organizations, religious groups, schools, and families collaborate to offer targeted intervention measures, in order to protect them from further harmful impact, it said.

It added that China has joined 12 global counterterrorism conventions and facilitated the formulation of documents such as the Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Member States Agreement on Border Defense Cooperation, playing an important role in maintaining international and regional security and stability.