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Full text: China's Green Development in the New Era

Xinhua | January 19, 2023


I. Staying Firmly Committed to Green Development

To meet the people's desire for a better life, China has treated lucid waters and lush mountains as invaluable assets and worked to maintain harmony between humanity and nature in its development. China favors high-quality economic growth, high-level environmental protection, and a path of sound development based on higher economic output and living standards, and healthy ecosystems.

1. Applying a people-centered development philosophy

The people-centered philosophy is a governing principle of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and a sound eco-environment is the fairest public product and the most inclusive public benefit. As China's modernization advances and living standards improve, the popular demand for a beautiful environment is growing. In the people's happiness index, the weight of environment has increased. To meet the growing demand for a beautiful environment, China has strengthened eco-environmental conservation and protection and vigorously promoted eco-friendly ways of work and life. It has focused on solving the major environmental problems that seriously endanger people's health, improved the quality of the environment and ecosystems, and provided more quality eco-environmental goods, so as to help people feel happier, more satisfied, and more secure in a beautiful environment.

2. Focusing on sustainable development in China

Society will prosper when the environment improves, and lose vigor as the environment degrades. Nature provides the basic conditions for human survival and development. Respecting, accommodating, and protecting nature is essential for sustainable development. Bearing in mind that its environmental capacity is limited and its ecosystem is fragile, China has not only pursued development for the present generation, but also mapped out plans for generations to come. It regards eco-environmental conservation as fundamental to sustainable development in China. It values both the environment and economic development, works to translate eco-environmental strengths into development strengths, and always looks to realize the economic and social value that lucid waters and lush mountains have, which will bring about financial returns, eco-environmental benefits, social benefits, and harmony between humanity and nature.

3. Applying systems thinking and a coordinated approach

Green development is an all-round revolutionary change in our values, and in how we work, live, and think. China has applied systems thinking to the whole process of economic and social development and eco-environmental conservation and protection. It has taken a sound approach to the relationships between development and protection, between overall and local interests, and between the present and the future. It has taken a scientific, moderate, and orderly approach to the use of territorial space, and promoted a sound economic structure that facilitates green, low-carbon, and circular development. It has fostered an institutional system that combines both constraints and incentives to coordinate industrial restructuring, pollution control, eco-environmental conservation, and climate response. China has endeavored to cut carbon emissions, reduce pollution, expand green development, and pursue economic growth. It has prioritized eco-environmental protection, conserves resources and uses them efficiently for green and low-carbon development. It has developed spatial configurations, industrial structures, and ways of work and life that help conserve resources and protect the environment, and promoted greener economic and social development in all respects.

4. Working together for global sustainable development

Protecting the environment and countering climate change are the common responsibilities of all countries. Only when all countries unite and work together to promote green and sustainable development can we maintain the overall balance in the earth's ecology and protect humanity's one and only home. China has shouldered its responsibilities, actively participated in global environmental governance, and pledged to reach carbon emissions peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. It will advance the green transition with these goals as the lead, play a more active part in bilateral and multilateral international cooperation on green development, promote a fair and equitable system of global environmental governance, and contribute its wisdom and strength to global sustainable development.


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