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MOC: China concerned about US probe into 'connected' vehicles

Xinhua | March 5, 2024

China is gravely concerned about the United States' investigation into China-made vehicles that use "connected" car technology, said a Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Monday.

China has taken notice of the U.S. move, which is intended to prevent the normal export of Chinese vehicles under the pretext of national security, the spokesperson said.

The U.S. attempt to set up non-tariff barriers is a typical protectionist practice, which will disrupt and distort the global auto industry and supply chains, and harm the interests of American consumers.

The spokesperson said that China is urging the United States to respect market principles and create a fair competition environment for enterprises of all countries.

The Chinese side will continue to assess the U.S. investigation, and will take effective measures to resolutely protect its legitimate rights and interests if necessary, according to the spokesperson.