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China strongly opposes US remarks on 'China's outer-space threat'

Xinhua | January 29, 2024


The United States has long been repeatedly hyping up China as a "threat in outer space" to smear and attack China, which is only an excuse for the U.S. to expand its forces in outer space and maintain military hegemony, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Friday.

In response to a related query, spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a daily news briefing that the U.S. Space Force's report on China and Russia developing anti-satellite weapons was a deliberate derogation of China.

The U.S. openly characterized outer space as a "battlefield," made great effort to develop outer space military and provoke major-power rivalry, making itself the biggest factor in militarizing outer space and turning it into a battlefield, and the biggest threat to outer space security, said Wang.

The U.S. has long been abusing space technology and maliciously tracking and approaching other countries' spacecraft in a dangerous manner, which increases the collision risk in space and is seriously irresponsible, said the spokesperson.

China sticks to the peaceful use of outer space and opposes the arms race there. We strive for legal instruments on space arms control through negotiations in the international community and protection of the peace and security of the outer space by legal means, he said.

China once again urges the U.S. to stop spreading disinformation, expanding military build-up and stepping up war preparation in outer space, and to genuinely shoulder its due responsibility, Wang said.