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China pushes forward development of intelligent mines

Xinhua | September 19, 2023


China has been pushing forward the development of intelligent mining amid efforts to improve production safety, according to a Monday press conference on mine safety.

The country has taken a series of measures to boost the development of intelligent mines, which is picking up steam, National Mine Safety Administration official Sun Qingguo told the press conference.

Sun said that there are 730 coal mines in China that are equipped with intelligent working faces, and the total number of the working faces has reached 1,400.

The country has pledged to promote the sector's development further, with incentives including improved regulations,standards and policy support, according to Sun.

Efforts will be made to encourage universities, research institutes, mines and sci-tech enterprises to work together to carry out research, and to promote the application of unmanned driving and new energy technologies in open-pit mines, he said.