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China strongly dissatisfied with EU's anti-subsidy probe into Chinese EVs

Xinhua | September 15, 2023


China is "highly concerned" and "strongly dissatisfied" with the European Union (EU) leadership's announcement to launch an anti-subsidy probe into Chinese electric vehicles, said a spokesperson with the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday.

China believes that the investigation proposed by the EU is a practice of pure "protectionism," the spokesperson said, adding that the probe is, in essence, to protect the EU's own industry in the name of "fair competition."

The probe will seriously disrupt and distort global automotive industrial and supply chains, including those in the EU, and it will have a negative impact on China-EU economic and trade relations, the spokesperson said.

China will pay close attention to the EU's protectionist tendencies and follow-up actions, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies firmly, the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said that China's electric vehicle industry has developed rapidly with improved competitiveness in recent years, thanks to unremitting efforts in scientific and technological innovation, and the construction of complete industrial and supply chains.

The competitive advantages of Chinese electric cars, won through strength and hard work, have been welcomed by global users, including EU consumers, the spokesperson said.

Chinese electric vehicles have also made great contributions to the global response to climate change and the green transition efforts of many countries and regions, including the EU.

The spokesperson said that China and the EU have a broad space for cooperation and common interests in the automotive industry. After years of development, they have formed a pattern of mutual support. EU automotive companies have invested and operated in China for many years, and the Chinese market has become the largest overseas market for a lot of EU car companies.

China always maintains an open and cooperative attitude, and welcomes EU automotive companies to expand their investment in the country, including investment in electric vehicles.

The spokesperson said that China urges the EU to conduct dialogue and consultation with China, taking into consideration the bigger picture of maintaining the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and the stability of global industrial and supply chains.

The two sides should work together to create a fair, non-discriminatory and predictable market environment for the common development of the China-EU electric vehicle industry, oppose trade protectionism, and commit to global efforts to address climate change and achieve carbon neutrality, the spokesperson added.