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Mainland spokesperson: Taiwan's DPP authorities jeopardizing peace with arms purchases

Xinhua | September 13, 2023


A Chinese mainland spokesperson on Wednesday denounced the weapon purchases by Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities, warning that these acts will only push Taiwan toward the brink of war and bring nothing but disaster to compatriots on the island.

Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, made the remarks when responding to a relevant media query during a press conference.

Referring to media reports, Chen noted that since the DPP authorities came into power, Taiwan's expenditure on procuring weapons from the United States as well as the region's defense budget have consistently risen year after year.

Between 2020 and 2022, Taiwan was the top arms purchaser of the United States, and the defense budget of the Taiwan region for 2024 had nearly doubled compared to eight years ago, Chen said, citing figures from media reports.

The DPP authorities have been obstinately adhering to the separatist position of "Taiwan independence" and squandering Taiwan people's hard-earned money to purchase weapons from the United States at high prices, in an attempt to look for U.S. support for their "independence" agenda and pursue "independence" by force, Chen said.

These acts have seriously damaged the vital interests of people in Taiwan and endangered peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the spokesperson added.

"We solemnly warn the DPP authorities that any act of seeking 'independence' by force cannot sway our firm commitment to resolve the Taiwan question and realize China's complete reunification," Chen said.

"Any attempt to seek 'independence' through the use of force will be futile in light of the formidable strength we possess in safeguarding our national sovereignty and territorial integrity," he added.