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China accelerates integration of geospatial data and smart vehicles

Xinhua | August 24, 2023


With the development of mobile internet, big data and artificial intelligence, the integration of geospatial data and intelligent connected vehicles in China is picking up speed, an official said on Wednesday.

This state of affairs is playing an important role in the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, said Li Yongchun, an official with the Ministry of Natural Resources, at a press conference.

The ministry has implemented several measures to unleash the potential of geological information and support the application of electronic maps in self-driving vehicles, such as rolling out supportive policies, establishing testing zones, unveiling standards and promoting the development of relevant technologies, said Li.

Li pledged that the ministry will continue to make efforts to fine-tune relevant policies, improve supervision methods and step up technology research and development, in a bid to make more maps for self-driving vehicles accessible to the public.