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China rolls out measures to support high-quality development

Xinhua | August 3, 2023


China will adopt a raft of new measures to facilitate and support high-quality development of the country, the Ministry of Public Security said at a press conference held on Thursday.

According to the ministry, a total of 26 measures have been rolled out aiming to advance reform in the work of public security organs nationwide, improve their management and service capability and strengthen security supervision.

These include implementing list-based management of matters requiring government approval, promoting a new, people-centered type of urbanization, and granting port visas and multiple-entry visas to foreign businesspeople entering China.

Efforts will be made to improve road traffic management, facilitate transportation and logistics business, and make more services rendered by public security organs available online, the ministry said.

Regulations will be enhanced to support the sound development of new business forms and models, intensify the crackdown on illegal and criminal activities, and safeguard cyber security, data security, and the security of personal information.

The ministry will lay out specific plans to make sure that the measures will be implemented by the end of this month.