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China clarifies questions about export restrictions on gallium, germanium

Xinhua | July 7, 2023


China's latest export control on gallium and germanium-related items is not a ban on relevant exports, and permits will be granted if exports comply with the relevant regulations, the commerce ministry said Thursday.

The export control is to make sure these items are used for legal purposes, and it aims to safeguard national security and better fulfill international obligations, Shu Jueting, spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, told a press conference.

Industrial products and materials containing gallium and germanium can be used for both military and civilian purposes, Shu said, adding that export control is international customary practice and major countries in the world have also imposed such control.

China's measure does not target any specific country, and prior notifications had been provided through channels such as the China-U.S. and China-EU export control dialogues before the notice was issued, she said.

The Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs issued a notice on imposing export restrictions on industrial products and materials containing gallium and germanium on Monday. The restrictions will take effect from Aug. 1.