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Record number of candidates to participate in China's college entrance exam

Xinhua | June 1, 2023


A record 12.91 million people have applied for this year's college entrance exam in China, also known as the "gaokao," marking an increase of 980,000 from 2022, according to figures released by the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

Local governments have been asked to further improve services for the candidates to guard them against risks involving public security, transportation, accommodation, hygiene, and noise control, and to cope with emergencies swiftly and effectively.

The ministry will also cooperate with government agencies including the National Health Commission to guide different localities across the country in adopting science-based and tailored COVID-19 response measures and prepare sufficient spare exam rooms and staff to ensure smooth operation of the exam.

Authorities will launch a special operation to crack down hard on cheating in the exam, especially violations such as using mobile phones and other telecommunications gadgets, said the ministry.

It is also necessary to take measures to provide convenience for nearly 10,000 examinees with disabilities to take the exam, the ministry said.

The annual national exam will take place in early June.