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China moves to strengthen scientific education in primary, secondary schools

Xinhua | May 30, 2023


China plans to strengthen scientific education in its primary and secondary schools, and will ensure a more sound system is in place in three to five years, the Ministry of Education said on Monday.

There should be notable improvements both in the quality of scientific education and in the scientific literacy of students in primary and secondary schools, according to a newly released guideline document.

Efforts should be made to ensure students have complete science curricula, access to sufficient courses and quality scientific education, per the document.

It calls for the standards of science courses and textbooks to be improved, and emphasizes the importance of experiments in the teaching of science.

The document says that authorities should establish platforms to identify young talent in the field of science, and guide these young people to dedicate themselves to science and research.

It also includes guidelines for partnerships with science institutions to advise in schools, the design of science examinations and tests, and the staffing of lab assistants and science curriculum researchers at primary and secondary schools.