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Internet plays a role in law popularization

Xinhua | March 19, 2023


Over the past decade, China has effectively leveraged the power of the internet to enhance public knowledge of the law and the country has seen campaigns aimed at improving legal awareness reach more people, according to a senior official with China's Ministry of Justice.

A diverse array of legal content has been made available online in various formats, including infographics, animated videos, short videos, livestreaming sessions and even music, said Wang Xiaoguang, head of the Bureau of Law Popularization and Rule of Law of the Ministry of Justice, at a press conference on Thursday.

The official WeChat account "Zhong Guo Pu Fa" dedicated to disseminating knowledge of the law garnered a total viewership of 667 million in 2022, with its subscriber count hitting 30 million, Wang added.

"The internet has emerged as a main platform for promoting legal awareness among the general public," said Wang.