China's Green Development in the New Era

(January 2023)

I. Staying Firmly Committed to Green Development

To meet the people's desire for a better life, China has treated lucid waters and lush mountains as invaluable assets and worked to maintain harmony between humanity and nature in its development. China favors high-quality economic growth, high-level environmental protection, and a path of sound development based on higher economic output and living standards, and healthy ecosystems.

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II. A Basic Green Territorial Configuration Is in Place

China is making efforts to optimize its governing system of territorial space. The country has strengthened the overall planning and coordinated management and control of territorial space for working and living and for the environment.

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III. Adjusting and Improving the Industrial Structure

China is committed to the philosophy of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, and takes innovation-driven development as the driving force to create new momentum and build new strengths for economic development.

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IV. Extensive Application of Green Production Methods

China has accelerated the building of a green, circular, and low-carbon economy. It practices green production methods, promotes the energy revolution, the economical and intensive use of resources, and cleaner production, and pursues synergy in the reduction of pollution and carbon emissions. All these efforts have contributed to the coordinated development and balanced progress of the economy, society, and environmental protection.

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V. Eco-Friendly Living Becomes the Prevailing Ethos

Green development requires everyone's efforts, and each of us can promote and practice green living. China actively promotes the values and ideas of eco-environmental conservation, raises public awareness to conserve resources and protect the eco-environment, and advocates the practice of a simpler, greener, and low-carbon lifestyle, creating a conducive social atmosphere for jointly promoting green development.

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VI. Improving the Institutions and Mechanisms for Green Development

Sound institutions and mechanisms are essential to green development. With this understanding, China has stepped up efforts to create an eco-environmental conservation system based on clear orientation, sound decision-making, effective implementation, and strong incentives, and continued to improve government performance in promoting green development. This provides a solid guarantee for the realization of the country's green development goals.

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VII. Building the Earth into a Beautiful Home

Green development and eco-environmental progress are the responsibility of all humanity. China has always been a major participant, contributor, and torchbearer in the global movement for building an eco-civilization. It firmly safeguards multilateralism, and is actively forging an international eco-environmental governance pattern in which countries align their interests and share their rights and responsibilities.

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