Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

(September 2020)

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

I. Employment in Xinjiang

Employment and job security carries great significance for ensuring people's right to work, improving their living standards, and promoting social harmony and stability. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012, Xinjiang has vigorously implemented employment projects, enhanced vocational training, and expanded employment channels and capacity.

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

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II. Implementation of Proactive Policies on Employment

In recent years, Xinjiang has formulated and put in place economic and social development strategies conducive to expanding employment, and has improved various policies to facilitate employment, with the goal of helping local people achieve stable, continuous, and long-term employment.

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

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III. Full Respect for Workers' Job Preferences

Workers' job preferences have always served as an important reference for the local government of Xinjiang in designing its employment policies, expanding employment channels, creating jobs, organizing vocational training sessions, and providing placement services. This ensures that the people can make their own choices about work and enjoy a happy life.

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

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IV. Labor Rights Protection

The Chinese government is committed to respecting citizens' right to work, safeguarding their legitimate labor rights and interests, and ensuring them a decent job.

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

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V. Better Jobs for Better Lives

With the implementation of a series of employment policies and measures, the goal that "each household has access to job opportunities, each person has work to do, and each month goes with an income" has been largely achieved. Profound changes have taken place in the life, work and mentality of the people of all the ethnic groups in Xinjiang and particularly in southern Xinjiang -- their pockets are better filled, their lives are better, and they are happier.

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

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VI. Application of International Labor and Human Rights Standards

Xinjiang implements a proactive employment policy, protects the lawful labor rights and interests of people of all ethnic groups, and strives to provide decent work and a better life for all. This embodies the common values that are championed by the international community, and contributes to safeguarding social fairness and justice and promoting the all-round development of humanity.

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang

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