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China's first homegrown hydrogen-powered urban train completes test

Xinhua | March 22, 2024

A hydrogen-powered urban train runs on a test track in Changchun, northeast China's Jilin Province, March 21, 2024. (CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd./Handout via Xinhua)

China's first independently developed hydrogen-powered urban train completed a test at a speed of 160 kph on Thursday, marking a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in rail transit.

The train, developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. in Changchun, northeast China's Jilin Province, was tested on a test track belonging to the enterprise, achieving a full-system, full-scenario and multi-level performance verification.

Unlike traditional trains that rely on fossil-fuels or catenary systems for their power supply, the urban train being tested has a built-in hydrogen power system, which can provide a strong and long-lasting power source. The maximum cruising range of the train is over 1,000 km.

Test data also shows that the average energy consumption of the train is 5 kWh per km, which is on par with world leading levels. 

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