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Candidates for 2023 Chinese buzzwords unveiled

Xinhua | November 20, 2023


Candidates for the 2023 Chinese buzzwords have been released, with Chinese characters and expressions for rejuvenation, prosperity, Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Games on the shortlist.

The shortlist also includes Chinese words for turmoil, crisis, Palestine-Israel conflict and China-U.S. relations.

The list was compiled through a combination of expert recommendations and big data analysis, encompassing characters and expressions relevant to both China and the world.

The buzzword selection is an annual event that aims to depict domestic and international changes through a single Chinese character or phrase.

Having been held for 18 consecutive years, the event invites the public to nominate candidate characters and expressions and vote for shortlisted ones. The final result will be unveiled on Dec. 20.

This year's buzzword selection is a joint endeavor by the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, the Commercial Press, and Xinhuanet.