Tibet steps up poverty relief to improve livelihood
​Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region saw urban and rural subsistence allowances cover 153,564 people by September, the regional civil affairs department said.
Afforestation yields fruit for poverty relief in north China's Shanxi
North China's Shanxi Province has combined greening the Loess Plateau with poverty relief, as trees yield economic benefits.
Non-profit organization established to fight poverty in Tibet
A non-profit organization has been established in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region to help alleviate poverty.
Relocation project navigates poverty-relief path for ethnic She
Since Zhang moved down from the mountains in Jingning County two years ago, his life has undergone remarkable changes, with an expanded mushroom business and increased income.

Poverty-alleviation relocation offers new life in east China

In April 2020, seven poverty-stricken counties in east China's Jiangxi province have worked out of poverty. Check out what villagers' life have become after being relocated from the mountains.