Media to bring China, ASEAN closer

China and ASEAN member states proposed an initiative to enhance media cooperation for a closer community of shared future at a meeting of information officials on Wednesday.

China DailyUpdated: November 24, 2017

What they say

Kristian R. Ablan, assistant secretary for policy and legislative affairs of the Philippines

"The meeting is a platform for us to voice our concerns with China as well as with other ASEAN members. We are optimistic about the direction that China is going and look forward to more cooperation with the Chinese government."

Bosengkham Vongdara, minister of information, culture and tourism in Laos

"China has entered the new era of development and will have a very positive influence on ASEAN countries, particularly on the neighboring countries including Laos."

Charoon Chaisorn, deputy director-general of the government public relations department in Thailand

"Thailand-China bilateral relations have been steady and well developed into the fifth decade, and they continue to grow closer and stronger in all dimensions, including political and security, trade and economic, social and cultural cooperation."

Khieu Kanharith, minister of information in Cambodia

"This is a very sustainable development for the benefit of the people of China and ASEAN and I suggest a full implementation of the initiative's work plan without any delay."

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