Jointly Build a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace

(November 2022)

I. Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace Is Essential in the Information Age

Interconnection is the basic nature of cyberspace. Sharing and co-governance is the common vision of internet development. With the rapid development of global information technology, the internet has penetrated into all aspects of human life and work. As a consequence, humanity is increasingly confronted with development and security challenges in cyberspace, which must be addressed through joint efforts.

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II. Development and Management of the Internet in China

China regards the internet as a platform for opening up and cooperation, where good order and positive energy benefit the people. In the new development stage and guided by the new development philosophy, the country is building a new development dynamic. It is set to build up its strength in cyberspace and digital technologies.

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III. China's Contribution to Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace

Upholding the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits, China has continued to strengthen bilateral, regional and international dialogue and cooperation in cyberspace, and committed itself to forming extensive partnerships with parties throughout the international community.

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IV. China's Proposals on Creating a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace

The internet is the shared home of all of humanity. It is the common responsibility of the international community to make this home cleaner, safer, and more prosperous. China will join other countries to build a community with a shared future in cyberspace so that the fruits of internet development can benefit everyone. As always, China will do so based on its national conditions and in the spirit of people-centered, open, and win-win cooperation.

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