China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in the New Era

(November 2022)

I. BeiDou in the New Era

As China makes historic progress and undergoes historic transformations in the new era, BDS has also entered a new period of high-quality development, making further breakthroughs and reaching higher levels in its mechanisms and in the speed and scale of its deployment. It is a miracle created by China in the vault of the sky.

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II. A World-Class Navigation Satellite System

Aiming to build a world-class global navigation satellite system, China has adhered to an innovation-oriented approach, pursued excellence and kept improving its technologies. BDS is now a top-class system characterized by cutting-edge technologies, pioneering design, and powerful functions.

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III. Improving BDS Operation Management

As a major player in the aerospace industry that takes its responsibilities seriously, China continues to improve BDS operation management and the system's performance. It ensures continuous and stable operation, open and transparent information, and sustained, healthy and rapid development of the BDS system, so as to provide reliable, secure and high-quality spatiotemporal information services.

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IV. Promoting Sustainable Development of the BDS Applications Industry

In the new era, China has synergized the development and application of BDS. It has made continuous efforts to refine the products supporting the BDS industry, expand application fields, improve the industry ecosystem, and promote large-scale applications. BDS applications have been better integrated into the overall development of the national economy to promote the sound development of the BDS applications industry.

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V. Upgrading BDS Governance

China constantly upgrades its BDS governance in the new era. It has made consistent efforts to bring forward innovative ideas on systems, mechanisms and development methods, to improve policies and regulations, to optimize organization and management, to build up strengths in high-caliber professionals, to promote technological innovation through reform, and to better combine a well-functioning market with competent government.

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VI. Contributing to Building a Global Community of Shared Future

Navigation satellite systems are the common wealth of humanity. Following the principles of openness, integration, coordination, cooperation, compatibility, complementarity and sharing, China has carried out active international cooperation on BDS and advanced its international applications. This will enable the system to better serve the world, benefit humanity, and contribute to building a global community of shared future.

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