Export Controls

(December 2021)

I. China's Basic Position on Export Controls

As a responsible country, China firmly stands by the international system centered on the UN and the international order underpinned by international law. China safeguards the authority of international treaties and mechanisms that uphold true multilateralism, and actively promotes the implementation of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory international export controls.

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II. Ongoing Improvements to the Legal and Regulatory System for Export Controls

Committed to the basic principle of pursuing law-based governance in all respects, China continues to improve its legal and regulatory system for export controls. To provide law-based and institutional export control guarantees, it bases its efforts on its national conditions and draws upon helpful experience from overseas.

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III. Modernizing the Export Control System

China strictly enforces export control laws and regulations, and translates solemn commitments into concrete actions. With institutional foundations and technological support, China has gradually realized effective and comprehensive regulation and whole-process monitoring, and put in place a modern export control system providing scientific design, orderly operation and vigorous enforcement.

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IV. Promoting International Exchanges and Cooperation

As an active participant, China prioritizes international exchanges and cooperation on export controls. It endeavors to boost mutual trust, ease doubts, increase mutual learning, strengthen international coordination, and promote trading in export-controlled items that is consistent with compliance requirements, so as to contribute to a more open and just regime for international export controls.

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