Hong Kong: Democratic Progress Under the Framework of One Country, Two Systems

(December 2021)


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II. The Return of Hong Kong to China Ushered in a New Era for Democracy

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Chinese government decided to resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, and announced the policy of One Country, Two Systems, under which Hong Kong would be governed by the people of Hong Kong, exercising a high degree of autonomy. A blueprint for developing democracy in post-1997 Hong Kong was drawn up.

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III. The Central Government Is Committed to Developing Democracy in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong's reintegration into China's national governance system, the central government has remained committed to the policy of One Country, Two Systems and to the Basic Law of the HKSAR, fully supporting the orderly development of democracy in Hong Kong in accordance with the law.

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IV. Anti-China Agitators Undermine and Disrupt Democracy in Hong Kong

Taking advantage of the profound changes that are sweeping the world, anti-China forces have ramped up their efforts. The implementation of the One Country, Two Systems policy in Hong Kong is faced with a situation of growing complexity, both internally and externally, and the struggle over the development of democracy in the region has intensified.

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V. Development of Democracy in Hong Kong Is Back on Track

The 2019 turmoil was a painful blow to national security, the rule of law, and social and economic stability in Hong Kong. The central government responded swiftly to the turmoil by taking a series of decisive measures that addressed both the symptoms and root causes of the unrest, restored order, and brought Hong Kong and democracy back on track.

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VI. The Prospects Are Bright for Democracy in Hong Kong

The policy of One Country, Two Systems is the optimal solution to problems carried over from history. It is the best policy for sustaining prosperity and stability following Hong Kong's return, and it provides the fundamental safeguard for the development of democracy in Hong Kong.

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