Nuclear Safety in China

(September 2019)

Nuclear Safety in China

I. Following a Rational, Coordinated and Balanced Nuclear Safety Strategy

On March 24, 2014, at the third Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, the Netherlands, President Xi Jinping proposed a rational, coordinated and balanced nuclear safety strategy. China's nuclear safety strategy is the embodiment of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the nuclear field, an important element of China's overall national security framework, and a major innovation in the theory of nuclear safety governance.

Nuclear Safety in China

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II. Building a Policy and Legal Framework on Nuclear Safety

China is a leading country in the application of nuclear energy and technologies. Nuclear safety is critical to national security, and the corresponding policies and laws are the cornerstone of nuclear safety.

Nuclear Safety in China

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III. Ensuring Effective Regulation of Nuclear Safety

China treats nuclear safety as an important obligation of the state, and exercises unified regulation through special organizations and a regulatory system underpinned by independence, openness, the rule of law, rationality, and effectiveness.

Nuclear Safety in China

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IV. Maintaining High-Level Safety

China has maintained a good nuclear safety record for a long time - it ranks among the highest of all countries in terms of nuclear power safety operation indicators. Its safety level in the use of nuclear technology continues to improve, its nuclear material control is strong, and public health and environmental safety are fully guaranteed.

Nuclear Safety in China

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V. Co-building and Sharing Nuclear Safety

Human factors are the most important in effectively ensuring nuclear safety. China is committed to strengthening nuclear safety culture. It has established a public communication mechanism for nuclear safety that combines supervision by the central government, guidance by local governments, implementation by enterprises, and participation of the public.

Nuclear Safety in China

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VI. Building a Community of Shared Future for Nuclear Safety

The peaceful development and utilization of nuclear energy is the common aspiration of all countries, and ensuring nuclear safety is their shared responsibility. China advocates the development of an international nuclear safety system characterized by fairness, cooperation, and mutual benefit.

Nuclear Safety in China

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