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Pakistani expert: China's commitment to supporting developing nations fosters sustainable development in BRI countries

Xinhua | July 26, 2023

China has always contributed to amplifying the voice of developing countries and protecting their interests, and never shirked its international responsibilities as being the largest developing nation in the world, a Pakistani expert said.

China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a living example of China's commitment which seeks to boost trade and investment between China and participating countries, fostering economic growth and development in the developing world, Farhat Asif, president of an Islamabad-based think-tank said.

"China also shares its development experience with and provides technical assistance, capacity-building, and financial support to other developing countries, including Pakistan, through its South-South cooperation," the president of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies said in a recent interview with Xinhua.

She said through active participation in the UN sessions, China focuses on the interests of developing countries and global challenges, such as climate change, trade imbalances and poverty reduction at international forums.

Citing the example of her own country, the Pakistani expert said that China always provides debt relief and financial support to Pakistan and other developing countries to promote sustainable development.

"China's commitment to its ongoing development and its recognition as the largest developing country should be acknowledged and respected as it contributes to the collective progress and prosperity of the global community," she added.