China Keywords
"China Keywords" is a platform for analyzing and explaining essential expressions used to describe the developmental theories and pathways, external and internal policies as well as the cultures and philosophies of contemporary China. It provides a useful and innovative way to build bridges between political dialogue systems in China and abroad.

Chinese Philosophy

A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to a garden.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Great virtue is like water.

The Centenary of the CPC Special Edition

The Birth of the Communist Party of China

The Founding Ceremony of the People's Republic of China

"One Country, Two Systems"

Colorful Guizhou

National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone

Three-pronged Reform Model for Rural Areas


Nuclear Industry

Construction of Overseas Nuclear Power Plants

World's First Operational EPR Reactor

World's First Operational AP1000 Reactor

National Defense and Military Development

Cultivation of a Strong Fighting Spirit

An Innovative Approach to Building the People's Armed Forces

Enhancing Political Awareness, Reform, Science and Technology, Talent Development, and Law-Based Governance

Targeted Poverty Elimination

The Battle Against Poverty

Completing the Building of a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects

Ecological Conservation for Poverty Alleviation

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