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The ROK: Donating Goods to 12 Chinese Cities September 9, 2020

The ROK: Donating Goods to 12 Chinese Cities

On February 11, the Seoul Metropolitan Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) donated 1,000 sets of medical protective suits, 500 goggles, 90 medical masks, 30 portable thermal imaging cameras and others, with a total value of 600 million won (about 3.53 million yuan), to 12 cities including Beijing and Chongqing. It also said that it would continue to provide masks for civilian use and other materials as appropriate to help China fight against the epidemic. 

In a video message, Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon expressed his thanks to Beijing for sending a special mission to help Seoul when the city was mired in the MERS epidemic. He hoped China could overcome the current difficulties as soon as possible, and looked forward to Seoul and its Chinese sister cities helping each other in the predicament and deepening friendship. 

On February 15, the Seoul Metropolitan Government began broadcasting short videos supporting China's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in public buildings such as the City Hall, Gwanghwamun and several other subway stations, as well as elevators of more than 70 relevant institutions. The civilians of Seoul also showed their support. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies put up a banner saying "Stay strong Wuhan, stay strong China." Sungkyun Institute of China Studies of Sungkyunkwan University donated 3 million won (about 18,000 yuan) and sent a letter of sympathy. 

According to preliminary statistics, the ROK government and private donations have exceeded 150 million yuan. President Moon Jae-in said that the ROK and China are friendly neighbors, and his country will take China's difficulties as theirs. His country will spare no effort in assisting and coordinating with China to fight the epidemic together, and promote further development of bilateral relations.

The mutual support and assistance between China and the ROK in the face of difficulties reflects the two countries' common cultural background and friendly tradition, and shows the affection of neighborhood and righteousness of friends which enable the two countries to work together to build a global community of shared future.