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Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway July 11, 2019

Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway is a 142-km rail line linking Indonesia's capital Jakarta to Bandung, a tourist destination. Thanks to a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour, once the project is completed the travel time between the two hubs will be cut to 40 minutes.

This is the first overseas project to be built with Chinese high-speed rail technology, with design considerations given to local climate and conditions, and the traditions and habits of local residents. The first high-speed rail project in Indonesia and all of Southeast Asia, it is expected to greatly boost local economic and social development.

An agreement was reached on October 16, 2015 between China Railway International Co Ltd and four Indonesian state-owned enterprises to establish a Chinese-Indonesian consortium tasked to construct and operate the line. The project represents an innovative approach to international cooperation, with businesses from both countries involved under the sponsorship of the two governments.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on January 21, 2016. By January 2019, a working mechanism was in place to boost the project, with progress in project permit, fund-raising, land requisition and demolition, and breakthroughs in 22 key projects.

The rail link is expected to stimulate growth in such sectors as metallurgy, manufacturing, infrastructure, power generation and logistics, create jobs, and promote structural transformation in Indonesia. It will, in particular, facilitate travel and promote tourism along the rail line, supporting a high-speed rail economic corridor and a twin-city cluster. It will also provide a sound basis for further cooperation between China and Indonesia in such fields as infrastructure development and trade.


雅万高铁连接印尼首都雅加达和旅游名城万隆,全长142公里,最高设计时速350公里,建成通车后,从雅加达至万隆的时间将缩短为约40分钟。雅万高铁是中国高铁方案走出去的“第一单”。它采用中国铁路技术标准,按照当地的气候、线路条件、沿线群众文化传统和生活习惯为印尼“量身打造”,建成后将成为印尼乃至东南亚的第一条高速铁路,对当地经济发展和社会进步产生巨大的推动作用。2015年 10月16 日,中国铁路总公司在雅加达与印度尼西亚四家国有企业签署协议,组建中国—印尼雅万高铁合资公司, 负责印尼雅加达至万隆高速铁路项目的建设和运营。雅万高铁项目是国际上首个由政府主导搭台、两国企业间进行合作建设的高铁项目,是国际铁路合作模式的一次探索和创新。2016年1月21日,雅万高铁项目开工奠基。截止2019年1月,雅万高铁项目实施的工作机制已基本到位,项目许可、融资、征地拆迁等关键事项扎实推进,22处控制性工程取得突破,项目建设进入全面推进实施新阶段。雅万高铁不仅将直接拉动印尼冶炼、制造、基建、电力、物流等配套产业发展,增加就业机会,推动产业结构升级,而且在建成通车后,还将形成一个新的高铁经济走廊和涵盖周边、充满活力的双城经济体,极大地便利这一地区人们的出行,丰富他们的生活,带动沿线旅游产业快速发展,并为中国—印尼之间在基础设施、商贸等领域的进一步合作奠定良好基础。