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Asia Cooperation Dialogue July 11, 2019

Asia Cooperation Dialogue

The Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is the only mechanism for official dialogue and cooperation covering the whole of Asia. Inaugurated in 2002, it aims to promote exchanges in areas such as agriculture, energy and poverty reduction, and boost Asia-wide cooperation and development through dialogue.

ACD activities are conducted through its Summits, Foreign Ministers Meetings, prime movers in specific areas, and meetings of high-level study groups. To date, two ACD Summits and 14 Foreign Ministers Meetings have been convened.

Attaching great importance to the dialogue, China is an active participant in ACD activities and supports strengthening the ACD to better serve Asia-wide development and integration. To this end, it has hosted events such as the ACD Forum on Silk Road Cooperation, the ACD Forum on Belt and Road Cooperation and the Asia Business Conference.


亚洲合作对话是目前唯一面向全亚洲的官方对话与合作机制,成立于 2002年,旨在推动各成员之间农业、能源、扶贫等领域的交流与合作,通过开展亚洲对话推动亚洲合作、促进亚洲发展。亚洲合作对话机制以首脑会议、外长会议、领域牵头国、高级研究小组会等形式开展活动,目前已在各成员国召开了2 次首脑会议和14次外长会议。中国高度重视并积极参与亚洲合作对话进程,支持全面加强亚洲合作对话机制能力建设,更好地服务于亚洲地区发展和一体化进程。近年来,中国先后主办“丝绸之路务实合作论坛”“共建‘一带一路’合作论坛暨亚洲工商大会”等活动,以实际行动助推该对话机制,深化务实合作。