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Unimpeded Trade July 11, 2019

Unimpeded Trade

Removing barriers to trade with the aim of unleashing the potential for greater cooperation between countries involved is a major task in building the Belt and Road. Major measures the countries and regions along the Belt and Road could take include: 

– creating mechanisms to facilitate free trade and the removal of investment and trade barriers; 

–opening free trade areas to create a business-friendly environment at the regional and national levels and unleash the potential for cooperation;

–improving the transparency of technical measures and reducing non-tariff barriers in order to liberalize and facilitate trade; 

–expanding trading areas, improving trade structures, and exploring new growth areas in order to attain trade balance; 

–integrating investment and trade, and boosting trade with investment; incorporating a focus on cooperation in ecological conservation, protecting bio-diversity and addressing climate change into investment and trade strategies in a joint effort to build a Silk Road to green development;

– optimizing industry, value, supply and service chains, and promoting economic complementarity, interaction and mutual assistance between countries and regions concerned; and 

–exploring new development opportunities, and creating an open economic environment that encourages the search for win-win solutions, respects diversity, enhances security and promotes efficiency.


贸易畅通是“一带一路”建设的重点内容,旨在激发释放沿线国家的合作潜力,做大做好合作“蛋糕”。采取的措施主要包括:沿线国家共同建设自由贸易网络体系,消除投资和贸易壁垒,促进贸易和投资便利化;共同商建自由贸易区,构建区域内和各国良好的营商环境,激发释放合作潜力;共同提高技术性贸易措施透明度,降低非关税壁垒,提高贸易自由化便利化水平;共同拓宽贸易领域,优化贸易结构,挖掘贸易新增长点,促进贸易平衡;把投资和贸易有机结合起来,以投资带动贸易发展,在投资贸易中突出生态文明理念,加强生态环境、生物多样性和应对气候变化合作,共建绿色丝绸之路;共同优化产业链、价值链、供应链和服务链, 促进沿线国家和地区产业互补、互动与互助;共同探索新的开放开发之路,形成互利共赢、多元平衡、安全高效的开放型经济体系。