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Policy Coordination July 11, 2019

Policy Coordination

Policy coordination is key to effective implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. In order to expand shared interests, enhance mutual trust, and build consensus on further cooperation, it is important for the countries along the Belt and Road to seek common ground while shelving differences, and increase inter-governmental communication on macroeconomic policy and development strategies so as to better align their national priorities with regional planning needs and common goals. Cooperation related issues and challenges should be dealt with through consultation, and policy support is needed to promote a pragmatic approach to implementing large-scale projects. Joint efforts have to be made to harmonize strategies, decision-making processes, policies and rules, so as to build a stronger community of a shared future.


政策沟通是“一带一路”建设的重要保障。政策沟通的基本含义是 :在深化利益融合、促进政治互信并达成合作新共识的前提下,本着求同存异的原则,沿线各国积极构建政府间宏观政策沟通的交流机制,就经济发展战略和对策进行充分交流对接,共同制定推进区域合作的规划和措施,协商解决合作中的问题,共同为务实合作及大型项目实施提供政策支持,从而形成趋向一致的战略、决策、政策和规则,结成更为巩固的命运共同体。